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Melody Fike

‘This is the dumbest idea you’ve ever had,’ Alison said, curling up on the couch while Cassandra sliced into the Amazon package.
            ‘Correction, it’s the dumbest idea we’ve ever had.’
            ‘Nope, absolutely not. This is all on you.
            Cassandra looked up at her, box knife in hand. ‘Yeah, but you agreed. You’re a – what is it? Accomplice? Accessory now? Either way, we’re in this together.’
            Alison knew it wasn’t worth debating. Instead, she turned her attention back to her book, squinting to read in the dull apartment lighting. Truthfully, she’d been looking forward to this ever since she woke her up at three in the morning with the idea.
            It wasn’t long before Cassandra placed the newly assembled tattoo gun on the stack of cardboard boxes serving as a coffee table. A rainbow of ink colors in small plastic wells were set out in front of it, the display fit with paper towels and alcohol wipes. Alison watched her as she strode to the kitchen to wash her hands. ‘I guess that means I’m first, yeah?
            Cassandra called back, ‘I dunno what you’re so nervous about. I’m the one with an art degree. If anything, I’m taking the risk here.’
            Alison laughed, tossing her book onto the floor. ‘Hey, you said I can draw a good duck, that’s gotta count for something, right?’
            ‘Your ducks are perfect, my love,’ she replied, as she returned. In her hands were two chipped Walmart mugs filled with Prosecco. Handing one to Alison, she toasted, ‘To cheap wine and bad ideas.’
            The two clinked cups, downing the drink. Alison laid back on the couch, clapping her hands and pulling down the neck of her cashmere sweater. ‘Alright, let’s get to it then.
            Cassandra knelt down besides the couch, cleaning the area just below her collarbone. The cold alcohol wipe was soothed by the warmth of her fingertips. Alison could still smell the eucalyptus from her shampoo in the tight black curls that dangled over her face. And as the gentle sting touched against her skin, she could feel her breath given to every line.