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Shirin Tahmasebi

​​The waves pull closer to the rocks at the beach’s edge, as the tide returns, filling up the bay.  Above, a seagull flies over. A flock of its friends follow closely behind, swooping and dipping through the delicate raindrops beginning to fall.


Lily visited the beach once a week with her boyfriend Brandon. This was the only time they would get together. She was always at the hospital and Brandon would do, well, whatever Brandon did.
            For six months they had kept this tradition going. Every Wednesday at twelve, Lily would leave the hospital and they would meet for a walk.
            ‘How’s your day going?’ Lily asks.
            ‘I haven’t done much. How’s yours?’
            ‘Mine has been okay, I spoke to the new people that have just come in.’
            ‘That’s nice, do you think you’ll make friends with any of them?’ he says.
            ‘Oh, I’m not sure. They’re all a bit crazy, and I know I’m not totally sane myself but –’
            ‘You are sane, Lily,’ Brandon interrupts, giving her a warm familiar smile.
            Lily pulls her teal-coloured beanie from her fading dyed red hair and turns to face Brandon. ‘I missed you this week. I wish we could see each other more often.’ The waves crash against the heel of her trainers, and she fearfully jumps back onto dry sand.
            Brandon continues walking and Lily is filled with disappointment, again. A weekly occurrence at this point.
            As clouds quickly cover them, Brandon picks up speed and walks ahead. His chestnut hair blowing in the quickening sea breeze. The murky water rises around his feet, but he doesn’t seem to mind as his steps take him into the waves.
            ‘Where are you going? It’s only been –’
            ‘Lily, it’s time to go back now,’ a voice sounds from behind.
            She turns to see a lady moving towards her. The white of her clothing makes Lily uneasy, before her mind is hit with a rush of forgotten memories. Water. Burning her lungs. Screaming silently. The drag of the waves against her sinking body. Him. Falling deeper and deeper, not fighting, not screaming. Gone.
            ‘No. Brandon!’ she screams, searching for the man she was just with, frantically running up the shoreline before being tackled to the sand and her mind is put to rest.