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Siobhan Pearson

Dear Sissy,

I hope this letter reaches you on time for your birthday. I’m sorry I couldn’t send you a gift, I’m making you a card tomorrow though. It’s cold tonight and everyone else is asleep. The lights went out ages ago and Mr Wincey still lives on the windowsill. There’s a new boy called Joseph and he doesn’t like spiders, so wets the bed most nights. He’s not brave like you. You never did like that mattress anyway. I can see my breath but I’ve got Mr Snuggles here keeping me warm. I’m glad you left him but I do worry you miss him. I’m making you another but I’m no good at sewing. I doubt they’d send it you anyway, you know what they’re like.

We had cereal today, cornflakes in fact. They must’ve ran out of porridge thank god. Tommy Phillips threw his right over Father Thomas’s head, it was so funny. Remember the look on Bishop Brennan’s face in Father Ted when he got kicked up the arse? Well, Father Thomas’s face was just like that, everyone laughed. You would have laughed. I do miss your laugh.

Please do not worry about me, you don’t need to. They say a nice American couple are visiting tomorrow. I will put my best dress on and brush my teeth. You never know, they might live near you, how nice would that be? I could come play with you after school.

As your older sister I feel it is my duty to state this. I know you don’t like reading so I will keep it short. You do not need to feel sad, you do not need to feel scared, monsters aren’t real and there’s no one under your bed. If you remember that Sissy, you will be fine. Mr and Mrs Harney seem nice. You will do well there, it won’t be forever. I will come get you once I’m old enough. I have to go now, Mr Fanning will be in soon and I’m not risking him taking my pencil. I love you my sister, I will see you very soon, I hope.

All my love,