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Katie Baker

From Fallen Woman to Businesswoman: The Radical Voices of Elizabeth Gaskell and Margaret Oliphant

Claire Bennett

Challenging Laura Mulvey's male gaze and rethinking scopophilia from a female perspective in the fiction of Angela Carter and Margaret Atwood.

Rachelle Cope

Representations of Femininity in British Crime Fiction

Jen Davis

Coleridgean Eliot

Leo Hall

Industrial Gentlemanliness: The fin-de-siècle adventure hero in text and image, 1870-1914

Jonathan Hay

Novelty Fades: Science Fiction and Posthumanism

Sheila Jones

My Friend, the Queen

Olivia Lyon

The Performativity and Significance of Headwear in the Works of British Authors of the Early 20th Century

Naomi Walker

The Two Marys: Shropshire's Feminist Novelists, Mary Cholmondeley (1859-1925) and Mary Webb (1881-1927)