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The genuine enthusiasm of the lecturers helps make some potentially complicated concepts... alive and attractive.

Graduated:  BA (Hons) Creative Writing with Theology and Religious Studies

Currently:   PhD in Gender and Sexuality at University of Exeter (AHRC-funded). Thesis: Queering the Outcast in Agatha Christie, 1920-1950 .

The Creative Writing course at Chester is academically easy to engage with and very fulfilling. The genuine enthusiasm of the lecturers helps make some potentially complicated concepts such as postmodern theory both alive and attractive. Since moving to a larger university, I have come to realise what a blessing it was in Chester to have lecturers who always respond to emails!

Without the personal support of lecturers, I doubt whether I would have graduated with the confidence or ability to succeed in academia. The Old Vicarage gives the Department of English a friendly community feel, so I felt comfortable getting help if needed, and really enjoyed my subject. Something was always happening in the Vicarage, from conferences to open mic nights, so there were plenty of opportunities to get engaged and involved with the department.

Since graduating from Chester, my creative writing has appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies in three countries. I have presented at an academic conference, been consulted by researchers, and been offered funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to complete a PhD at Exeter. There was only one funded award available in my field, and my thesis is a direct consequence of my undergraduate dissertation. I would not have known where to begin without the research methods, contacts and love of the subject that I picked up at Chester.