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I had a clear goal of becoming a scriptwriter, having enjoyed this module the most at University.

Graduated:  BA (Hons) Creative Writing with Drama and Theatre Studies. 

Currently: Junior Researcher and PA to the Director of Programmes for a TV production company 

I studied Creative Writing with Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Chester with the intention of progressing to do a Masters in Script Writing. However, the diversity of my course tempted me with all kinds of ideas as to the range of pathways I could choose to follow first, so when I left University I travelled to South Korea to teach English as a foreign language. Obviously my English-based degree aided my ability to teach children and adults of all ages and the six months I spent there were some of the best of my life.

On returning to England I had a clear goal of becoming a scriptwriter, having enjoyed this module the most at University, so I sent my CV to production companies all over England and from this gained two weeks' work experience at an independent television company called Flame TV, who produce factual television programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Discovery. Work experience was a huge wake-up call to the 'real world' but it presented me with an opportunity to see exactly how the production world functions. From day to day my role varied from running all over London delivering tapes to television channels, to dealing with famous clients, assisting on filming shoots, and making a million cups of coffee.

It must have paid off because I have been at the company ever since and am now the PA to the Director of Programmes and Junior Researcher on several new developments including a documentary about deception techniques in war which is fronted by comedian Al Murray. I regularly attend meetings with commissioning editors from Channel 4, BBC and ITV, have assisted on shoots and have recently written up my first proposal for a television show which I've submitted to Channel 4. I hope to move on to become an assistant producer where I would have free rein to write the scripts for shows - whereas now I am content to point out the spelling mistakes in current ones! My role is hugely varied and no two days are the same which is perfect for an easily-bored person like me.