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Diversity Festial 2022

The 17th University of Chester Diversity Festival takes place from 1-21st March 2022. The Theme is ‘Rebuilding and Rethinking Equality’. The theme celebrates how equality, diversity and inclusion can grow and develop in 2022 and beyond; how we can’t keep replaying the same messages and the theme also celebrates resilience, strength, overcoming adversity and a new enthusiasm for the agenda. There are a great range of excellent speakers and events. Many events are online and some are planned face to face (subject to Covid restrictions at the time) and some are offered both online and in person.

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"The Diversity Festival is open to all students, staff and the wider community and will give you a unique opportunity to learn and experience different cultures and perspectives."

Each year the Diversity Festival provides a focus through which the University actively promotes, challenges and develops an understanding of equality, diversity and multiculturalism.

All Diversity Festival events are open to all members of the public, all staff, all students and all University Council members, unless otherwise specified.

All events are free but booking is essential. Visit our Festival Programme pages to see details and make bookings.