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The Flash Fiction Special Collection, Seaborne Library, University of Chester, is the world’s largest archive of flash-fiction anthologies, collections, magazines, and secondary texts.

The directors of the International Flash Fiction Association would be pleased to learn of any books or magazines that should be included in the collection.

If you would like to visit the Seaborne Library to use the Flash Fiction Special Collection, please contact the IFFA directors.

Aciman, Alexander, and Emmett Rensin, Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books Retold Through Twitter (London: Penguin, 2009)

Ackerman, Forrest J. (ed.), Ackermanthology: 65 Astonishing, Rediscovered Sci-Fi Shorts (Rockville, Maryland: Sense of Wonder Press, 2000)

Alexander, Robert, Eric Braun and Debra Marquart (eds), Nothing to Declare: A Guide to the Flash Sequence (Buffalo, New York: White Pine Press, 2016)

Allen, Roberta, The Traveling Woman (New York: Vehicle Editions, 1986)

Allen, Roberta, Certain People and Other Stories (Minneapolis: Coffee House Press, 1997)

Almond, Steve, My Life in Heavy Metal: Stories (London: Vintage, 2003)

Almond, Steve, The Evil B. B. Chow and Other Stories (Chapel Hill, North Carolina: Algonquin, 2006)

Alwin, Gail, Four Buses: A Collection of Short Stories and Flash Fiction (Dorchester: Arial, 2012)

Anderson, Elliot (ed.), Triquarterly 35: Minute Stories 1 (Evanston, Illinois: Triquarterly, 1976)

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Atwood, Margaret, The Tent (London: Bloomsbury, 2007)

Atwood, Margaret, Good Bones (London: Virago, 2010)

Baines, Elizabeth, Balancing on the Edge of the World (Cambridge: Salt, 2007)

Barnes, Rusty, Breaking It Down (Buffalo, New York: Sunnyoutside, 2007)

Barry, Tina, Mall Flower: Poems and Fiction (Boston, Massachusetts: Big Table, 2015)

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Beach, Lou, 420 Characters (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012)

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Beckett, Samuel, The Complete Short Prose, 1929–1989, ed. S. E. Gontarski (New York: Grove Press, 1995)

Beckman, Paul, Peek (Boston, Massachusetts: Big Table, 2015)

Bell, Denis, A Box of Dreams: A Collection of Short Stories (New York: Adelaide, 2017)

Bell, Matt, and Josh Maday, Dancing on Fly Ash: One Hundred Word Stories (Saginaw, Michigan:, 2006)

Bennett, Claire-Louise, Pond (London: Fitzcarraldo, 2015)

Blair, Peter (ed.), Edge Words: 20 Stories from the Cheshire Prize for Literature 2006 (Chester: Chester Academic Press, 2007)

Blair, Peter (ed.), That’s Historical: An Anthology of Short Stories and Factual Articles (Chester: Peter Blair, 2008)

Blair, Peter (ed.), It’s About Time: An Anthology of Short Stories and Factual Articles (Chester: Peter Blair, 2009)

Blair, Peter (ed.), Between the Lines: An Anthology of Short Stories and Factual Articles (Chester: Peter Blair, 2010)

Booth, Die, 365 Lies: A Year of Flash Fiction (n.p.: Mad Doctors of Literature, 2014)

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Breslin, Jim, Elephant: Short Stories and Flash Fiction (n.p.: Oermead Press, 2011)

Brautigan, Richard, Revenge of the Lawn/The Abortion/So the Wind Won’t Blow It All Away(Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1995)

Brautigan, Richard, Revenge of the Lawn: Stories 1962–1970 (Edinburgh: Canongate, 1997)

Brooks, David, Black Sea (London: Allen and Unwin, 1997)

Brown, Fredric, Nightmares and Geezenstacks: 47 Stories (Toronto: Bantam, 1961)

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Cairns, Clem (ed.), Fish Anthology 2006: ‘Grandmother, Girl, Wolf’ and Other Stories (Durrus, Ireland: Fish, 2006)

Cairns, Chris (ed.), Fish Anthology 2016: ‘Frogs’, ‘The City’, and Other Stories, Memoirs and Poems(Durrus, Ireland: Fish, 2016)

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Cairns, Clem, and Jula Walton (eds), Fish Anthology 2012: ‘Roommates’ and Other Stories, and Poems (Durrus, Ireland: Fish, 2012)

Cairns, Clem, and Jula Walton (eds), Fish Anthology 2013: ‘The Nut Machine’ and Other Stories, Memoirs and Poems (Durrus, Ireland: Fish, 2013)

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The Flash Fiction Special Collection contains the world’s most comprehensive gathering of critical writing on flash fiction, novels-in-flashes, and composite novels.

Dissertations On, Significantly Mentioning or Containing Flash Fiction

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The International Flash Fiction Association is grateful for the help of Jonathan Cardew, Peter Cherches, Michael Elvy, Grant Faulkner, Liz Hedgecock, Emjay Holmes, Michael Loveday, Lynn Mundell, Meg Pokrass, Santino Prinzi, Robert Scotellaro, Aurelie Sheehan, Nancy Stohlman.

Other Flash-Fiction Collections and Anthologies

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Acknowledgement will be made and we will post you a copy of one of the IFFA’s publications.

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