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On all our degree programmes, you will be offered distinctive national and international fieldwork opportunities and experiential (work-based) learning activities (e.g. USA, Switzerland, Spain and Norway). These unique and valuable experiences are designed to further develop your subject knowledge, transferable skills, employment prospects, and provide a rewarding and memorable experience whilst studying here at the University of Chester.

Fieldwork is an essential part of your undergraduate training. You will be offered local, national and international field experiences led by highly experienced staff, through which to develop your understanding of the natural and built environment, and in particular, the social, political, economic and natural processes that shape them. Outside of the confines of the lecture theatre and the controlled conditions of the laboratory, fieldwork will provide you with the ideal context in which to investigate social and environmental processes and phenomena first-hand whilst learning how to use a range of equipment and techniques. Fieldwork can help you to develop problem-solving and team-working skills in measuring and monitoring, and you will benefit from greater interaction between you and your fellow students and tutors. Importantly, fieldwork is also renowned for providing ideal conditions for the cultivation of key transferable skills, and therefore can considerably enhance your graduate job prospects.

Experiential (work-based) learning activities are also available. Here you can take a module oriented around a five-week work based learning (WBL) placement, which you have either arranged for yourself or for which you have applied via our long-established links between the University and partner organisations in the UK and abroad. Alternatively, you may decide to gain first-hand experience of community-based development work overseas in a Global South country, or work as a 'consultancy researcher' in Geography and Environment's own Experiential Learning module, based in New York. Whichever option feels right for you, you will have the opportunity to apply your classroom-based learning in a relevant professional context.