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We offer a range of stimulating fieldwork experiences in your first year. These include activities in and around Chester in both urban and rural environments, which provide a distinctive outdoor 'laboratory' for group and individual fieldwork projects. Depending on what programme you are following, you might find yourself on a UK residential fieldtrip, a non-residential local fieldtrip, or a non-residential development association fieldtrip. During your field trip you may, for example, find yourself investigating flood mitigation in North Wales, studying microclimates in Chester city centre, exploring the sustainability of seaside tourism economies, or researching asylum experiences with black and minority ethinic community groups.

You will find fieldwork in the department to be both fun as well as challenging. All the major Year 1 fieldwork experiences will offer you the chance to make extensive use of digital technologies and you will be encouraged to take video footage and photographs of your field activities. You may also develop interview and presentation skills, as well as gain valuable insights into important contemporary issues in the UK, including migration and multiculturalism.