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Members of the Global Environmental Change and Hazard Management group undertake fundamental and applied research within the areas of ‘Earth Surface Processes’, ‘Environment and Climate Change’, and ‘Hazard Management and Assessment’. Research within this group has attracted funding from a wide range of sources, including the UK Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC), the Australian Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and the International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic (INTERACT).

The Department is well-equipped with laboratory analytical and field surveying and monitoring instruments. These include industry standard surveying instruments, GIS and Remote Sensing software, several unmanned aerial vehicles, research grade microscopes with imaging capability, spectrophotometers for geochemical analysis, mineral magnetic analytical capability, and a range of sediment coring devices (Russian, Gauge, Gravity).

Our research informs our teaching, resulting in a vibrant and engaging undergraduate curriculum. Students considering PhD research in areas aligned with the interests of group members are encouraged to contact Dr Philip Marren, Postgraduate Research Tutor for Geography and International Development.

Group staff and research interests

Dr Andrew Miles: Coastal processes and management; GIS and remote sensing applications
Dr Servel Miller: Natural hazards and management; GIS and remote sensing applications
Dr Katharine Welsh: Hydro-geomorphic modelling
Dr Amanda Williams: Glacial geomorphology and sedimentology
Dr Graham Wilson: Palaeoclimatology, diatom palaeoecology, stable isotope geochemistry, sea-level change
Professor Roy Alexander: Geoecology and development of badlands; floods
Dr Jane Bevan: Geoecology
Dr Martin Degg: Natural hazard assessment and mitigation
Professor Derek France: Environmental change
Dr Philip Marren: Fluvial geomorphology, proglacial environments, Quaternary sedimentology