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My time at Chester has really been a great stepping stone and propelled me forward into lots of different opportunities.
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How does it feel getting a job even before graduation, and what's your expectations from now on?

This has been an amazing year for me. The last day being at the University of Chester, as a 3rd-year student in Physics, I received two job interviews that got me absolutely buzzed because I didn't think I'd get that far at all. I felt I was in a really good position. The interviewers were very friendly and had an informal but useful chat with them. I now enjoy my time doing a master’s in medical radiation physics and still have my job as a MedTech researcher too which is really nice. I only work 10 hours a week but find it very beneficial since my job is connected to my master’s. It has really helped to develop the way that I think about problems, both in a professional and academic sense. It’s nice to see the improvements reflected in my assignments.

Could you tell us a few things about your job?

Agxio is a biotech AI company that specialises in life sciences and agriculture science. It's relevant to my master’s in medical radiation physics, which puts me in a really good position in terms of my future career. I’ve worked on many different projects that the company have collaborated with, such as the NHS and My Skin Doctor. It’s been really challenging at times, especially whilst balancing my master’s, but it is also very rewarding to see the work that you’ve done be applied to real-life problems, to help form solutions.  

How did your degree at the University of Chester prepare you for your new role?

I think organising a webinar on nuclear and medical imaging as part of the Chester Physics Student Seminar Series, was definitely one of the starting points in becoming interested in this field of physics. My tutors along with Brian Taylor, our career consultant, have helped me a lot in polishing my CV and prepared me for my future career. In my first two years at Chester, I was also fortunate enough to partake in placements for several weeks. Both were medical related, with one looking at design solutions for mammography and the other looking at bacteria control on surfaces.

You mentioned that you organised a webinar as part of the Physics Student Seminar Series. Was it enjoyable?

It was definitely enjoyable and helped me find a range of resources about planning my future aspirations and career! Hosting the webinar allowed me to gain an insight into fields of physics that I was not so familiar with, such as medical physics and molecular imaging. It made me more confident in speaking to a group of people that I did not know, and the environment was relaxed enough for myself and other students to feel comfortable asking a range of questions about topics that sparked our interest during the seminar!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your time at Chester?

My time at Chester has really been a great stepping stone and propelled me forward into lots of different opportunities that I never even knew existed when I first started uni. I hope to go on to work within the NHS full time in nuclear medicine, and without the support from my tutors and careers department at Chester through my BSc degree, it wouldn’t be possible.