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Arrival Time 

It is important that graduands/diplomates are in their seats 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin, to enable the ushers to check for absentees. Once this check has been completed, any latecomers, for whatever reason, will not be able to graduate at the ceremony.

Graduand/Diplomate Seating 

You should occupy the seat that corresponds to the number given to you by the Usher on the door.  It is most important that you do not move from your allocated seat position even if there is a gap next to you.  Failure to occupy the correct seat will mean that you are recorded as ‘absent' and you will not be presented with your award. 

The Presentation of your Award 

At the appropriate time, you will be guided by an usher to the left-hand side of the nave in a continuous procession. You should give your name to the usher at the front of the queue and when your name is called, proceed towards the Presiding Officer, and shake their hand (if you would prefer NOT to shake hands, please contact The Graduation Office). Proceeding across to the opposite side, you will make your way down the right side of the nave and return to your seat. 

At the conclusion of the proceedings, on a given signal, the graduates/diplomates will process out.  

**Please note: the normal duration for each ceremony is 1 to 1½ hours.** 

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