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Where will my Graduation and Awards Ceremony be held?

The November 2020 and March 2021 ceremonies have been postponed. Please disregard any specific dates below.

All ceremonies will be held in Chester Cathedral

Accessibility facilities available at Chester Cathedral

The ceremony date is inconvenient. Is it possible to attend another ceremony?

No. You will need to request that your award be presented in absentia.

What if I want to bring more than two guests?

Two guest tickets are allocated to each Graduand/Diplomate. Once the online booking form has closed, if there are additional tickets available for your ceremony, you will be sent further details of how you can apply, via email.  Admittance is by ticket only.  If it is not possible to provide you with extra tickets, the Ceremonies can be watched, subject to availability, live via the internet by going and clicking on the ‘Graduation Ceremony Video’ link on the right hand side of the page.  

It may also possible for additional guests to watch your Ceremony from White’s Dining Rooms, or the University Chapel on the Parkgate Road, Chester campus and then join you afterwards. Streaming times will be published on the website closer to the event. Please note live streaming cannot be guaranteed.

When will I receive my tickets?

Your graduand/diplomate ticket, along with your guaranteed 2 guest tickets will be sent out as soon as possible after you have registered your attendance and by no later than Monday 19th October 2020.  If you are later successful in obtaining extra tickets, they will be left for you to collect from the Ticket Desk in the Northgate Arena on the day of your ceremony.

What should I do if I can no longer attend the Ceremony?

You should contact the Graduation Office immediately on 01244 512911 or email  Your award will be sent by recorded delivery to your home address within four weeks of the ceremony.

How much does the ceremony cost?

The University of Chester is one of the few institutions that does not charge for Awards Ceremonies.

What if I'm an international student?

Please note, it is your responsibility to check you have the correct visa in time to attend the Graduation.  If you intend to invite family and friends to watch your Ceremony, please go to for more information on visa requirements.

Where do I collect and return my gown?

You should collect your gown from the Main Sports Hall in the Northgate Arena, Victoria Road, Chester, CH2 2AU. 

Gowns should be returned by 6.00 pm on the days of the Ceremonies.

Disabled strip

Accessibility facilities available at Northgate Arena Sports Hall.

Where do I have my photograph taken?

A. You have your photograph taken in the Main Sports Hall at the Northgate Arena, Victoria Road, Chester, CH2 2AU. 

Accessibility facilities available at Northgate Arena Sports Hall.

What time do I need to arrive at the Cathedral?

A. You and your guests should arrive at the Cathedral, having collected your gown from the Northgate  Arena, and be in your seat at the latest 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

The Cathedral doors will open approximately an hour before the ceremony is due to start.

How long will the ceremony take?

Each ceremony will last approximately 1 to 1½ hours.

Where can I park?

There is limited parking in the Northgate Arena, so we would encourage you to use the excellent Park and Ride facilities around the City.  

Please note Park and Ride car parks are locked when not in use so please observe the closing times. 

If you enter the Northgate Arena car park you will be asked to pay even if you do not wish to stay.  For more information on parking go to

Is there disabled parking near the Cathedral?

There is limited disabled parking on the surrounding streets, but it does get extremely busy during the day and spaces cannot be reserved by the University.

Access by car directly to the Cathedral is restricted for pedestrian safety reasons and road closures are in operation for the duration of the graduation ceremonies.;

For more information on parking in Chester go to

What happens when I arrive at the Cathedral?

On arrival at the Cathedral, please enter through the door indicated on the back of your ticket.  Please make yourself known to an usher at the door who will advise you of your seat number and direct you to your seating.  You will then be seated by a Nave Usher who will check to make sure you are sitting in your designated seat. At the appropriate time during the Ceremony you will be directed to the platform and your name will be checked to make sure that you are in the correct order.

As you line up to receive your award, staff from Ede & Ravenscroft will ensure that your mortar board is straight and that your gown and hood is positioned correctly. When your name is called you will cross the platform and shake the hand of the Presiding Officer. On leaving the platform via the steps (unless you are a wheelchair user in which case there is a ramp) you will return to your seat. At the end of the Ceremony you will process out of the Cathedral behind the staff procession.

What if I am late for the ceremony?

It is extremely important that you arrive in good time for your Ceremony. If, however, you are late for whatever reason, every effort will be made to include you, but if your award has already been presented it will be awarded in absentia.

N.B.The Graduation and Awards Ceremonies are regarded as public events and as a result audio and visual images of the ceremony are publicly available via the sale of personalised DVDs and photography. In addition to this, the names of all Graduands/Diplomates receiving their awards are listed in the programmes produced for each Ceremony and also sent to the local newspapers which may publish them in print or online. Chester Students’ Union also produces t-shirts with the names of all those graduating on the back. If you have completed your online booking form to indicate that you do not wish to attend your Ceremony and also object to personal data (name and award) being displayed you should inform the Graduation Office immediately on 01244 512911.

Can I purchase a DVD of my ceremony?

DVDs are available to purchase and can be ordered in a number of ways.  Please go to for more information.

Can I purchase University gifts?

Gifts are available for purchase by visiting and and a selection will be available at the Northgate Arena on the day of the Ceremony.

What happens if I indicate that I will be attending my Ceremony but do not attend on the day and didn’t advise the Graduation Office beforehand?

The Graduation Office will have noted your absence on the day.

Can I bring children to the Ceremony?

Please remember this is an official Ceremony that is being filmed and streamed over the internet and we would not want to disturb the enjoyment of others. Therefore, bringing young children to the Ceremony is not recommended.  However, if you choose to do so, you will be asked to remove them immediately if they become agitated or distressed.

N.B.Whether your child is old enough to occupy their own seat or if you intend to bring them in a pram / pushchair, all children must have been allocated a ticket to be able to attend the Ceremonies in the Cathedral.  If we are only able to allocate the guaranteed two tickets for your Ceremony then alternative childcare arrangements will need to be made.