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About Dr Henry Sidsaph

After completing an undergraduate degree in Geography and International Development, Henry went on to study for an MSc in Sustainability for Community and Business and worked as a researcher for intentional NGOs, conservationists, and on several European Commission projects.

His PhD focused on Alternative Food Networks using content and social network analysis. He is currently researching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals concerning Education Management. His previous research has covered a broad range of topics such as livelihoods and rural economies, entrepreneurship and small businesses, and climate change and sustainability.

Henry ran his own ethical coffee company dedicated to tree planting in Malawi and was Head of Research for a global executive search and consulting company. He is a TEDx speaker and an active supporter of the University’s Venture Programme.


Essentials of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial Thought and Action

Managing Sustainable Business Ventures

Managing People and Organisations

Managing Innovation

Research Supervision


Sustainable Development

Alternative Food Networks


Published Work

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BSc (Hons) Geography and International Development Studies

MSc Sustainability for Community and Business

PhD Sustainable Development and Alternative Food Networks