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About Gary Duckers

I completed a BA at the University of Chester in 2011, receiving a 1st class degree, the Chester Archaeological Society Dissertation Prize and the University Prize for Archaeology and Heritage.  Subsequently, I have completed a MA in Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Virtual Environments studying at the University of Birmingham in 2013, graduating with distinction. I then worked in the heritage sector on various community and commercial archaeology projects across the UK.

In 2014, I was awarded the John Doran Memorial Scholarship to study for a PhD at the University of Chester. My research examines change and transition in the border landscape of the Northern and Central Marches, with an emphasis placed upon the utilisation of LiDAR data and synthesis of digital datasets to study the early medieval period.


I contribute to the teaching on the following modules:

  • Introduction to Archaeological Practice
  • Archaeological Skills: Tools for Research and Analysis

I also supervise and teach surveying techniques.


My research interests include the archaeological applications of GIS and remote sensing technology, the role of cartography in heritage management and archaeological informatics

My thesis examines the borderland landscape of the North and Central Marches using traditional geographical and archaeological techniques, combined with remote sensed methodologies such as LiDAR to offer new insight into processes of power and how that is reflected in landscape through settlement/site morphology. By design, the project covers a longue durée encompassing significant shifts in the power dynamics within the border region including the end of the Roman occupation, the power struggle between Powys and Mercia in the 6th and 7th centuries, the Mercian/Saxon conflict with the Danes and the consequences of early Norman stewardship.


  • Associate of the Institute for Archaeologists [ACIfA]

  • Member of Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG)

  • Postgraduate Member of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society [RSPSoc]

Published Work

Duckers, G. (2013). [Review of the book Landscape History Discoveries in the North West, by S. Varey & G. J. White (Eds.)]. Journal of the Chester Archaeological Society, 83, 5-6.

Duckers, G. L. (2013). Bridging the “Geospatial Divide” in Archaeology: Community Based Interpretation of LIDAR Data. Internet Archaeology, (35). doi:10.11141/ia.35.10

Duckers, G. L. (2013). Crowdsourcing Point Clouds - challenging barriers to community driven interpretations of Lidar data, RSPSoc Archaeology Special Interest Group Newsletter, Winter 2013, 9-12


BA Archaeology (Chester), MA in Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Virtual Environments (Birmingham).