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About Dr Brian Gibbs

I have worked for PWC and also a variety of roles within the Chemical, Retail and Higher Education sectors. I am on the board of several local Education charities and have experience of running my own small Accountancy business.



Accounting and Finance modules.


My main research interests concern professional identity and qualitative research into how professionals cope with their changing roles.

Published Work

Conference papers:

Towards evidence based HRD practice: bridging the gap. University College Cork 3rd- 5th June 2015. Paper: An insider research into the changing role of the Management Accountant during organisational change.

Ethnography: Horizons in times of Turbulence. University of Liverpool 29th -31ST August 2012. Paper: Activity Theory within an At-home Ethnography: Enabling or constraining.

Ethnography: Theory, form and practice. Cardiff Business School 5th -7th September 2011. Paper: Researching the decentralisation of a Management Accounting function: the challenges and opportunities of a self-ethnographic approach.


I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BA (hons) in Accountancy. Since qualifying as an ACMA I have completed an MBA and a Masters in Research from Liverpool John Moores University. I have also completed a PhD researching the changing roles of management accountants in a large public sector organisation.