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About Phil Sturla

I am a Technical Officer in the Faculty of Science and Engineering, after spending the majority of my career working for the Shell Group, some of that time here at Thornton Science Park (TSP). As a chartered chemist, I have gained expertise in biotechnology, drilling (workover and completion), automotive fluids, fuel additives, bitumen and fuels. In all these subject areas I have been involved in chemical and physical analysis, technical service and training on a global scale. With my blend of technical experience and creative flair, I am able to use conceptual and qualitative models to solve problems and generate ideas. I have considerable experience in presenting technical and marketing data to colleagues, peers and third parties. My understanding and appreciation of the importance of team dynamics, helps motivate other researchers and service providers. As a STEM ambassador I take the opportunity not only to run chemistry workshops here at TSP but to visit local primary schools to initiate an interest in science.


Although the majority of my research has been to support the Shell Group's biotechnology and core businesses (fuels, lubricants, automotive fluids and exploration) my major research contribution has been the use of biopolymers in the oilfield, in particular their use in workover and completion fluids for under-reaming and well stimulation. I am co-author of two external publications and two European patents on the properties and uses of biopolymers in the oilfield.

Published Work

Succinoglycan- A New Biopolymer For The Oilfield, A.J. Clark-Sturman, Dirk den Otterlander, Phillip L Sturla – Chapter 8 Oilfield Chemistry ACS Symposium Series 396 ISBN 0-8412-1630-4

Clarke-Sturman A.J., Sturla P.L., European Patent 0 259 939 A2 (1988)

Clarke-Sturman A.J., Pedley J.B., Sturla P.L., Int. J. Biol. Macromol., Vol. 8, 355 (1986)


CChem (Chartered chemist)