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About Prof Chris Smith

Initial Research on the isolation, purification and action of the putative cell growth protein, Chalones. Required biochemical, (Liquid Chromatography, electrophoresis, freeze-drying) cell culture (lymphocyte isolation, PHA and Con-A stimulated cell culture, cell counting. Monitoring cell growth using tritiated thymidine).

Developed skills in monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production.

Utilised these skills to study human diseases, developing tests for melioidosis and gastric ulcers.

Developed ELISA assays as a method for monitoring proteins

Lead to identification of Food proteins and the development of techniques for the identification of assays for meat speciation, development other immunoassays applicable to food quality assurance.

Studied the effects of anaesthesia on the immune system

Studied Helicobacter pylori, initially identifying specific antigens suitable for diagnosis of ulcers and subsequently developing culture techniques for the culture of Helicobacter in fermentation systems.

Adapted techniques to applications associated with other microbial human diseases.

Worked on the Heat shock proteins in plants – potential for development of crops capable of survival when exposed to high temperatures.

Developed immunoassays to pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and other molecules of environmental importance.

Studied functional food components e.g. arabinoxylans



Published Work

Published over 150 papers, book chapters and patents

Also presented over 100 papers at international conferences.

During career have been appointed as Professor of Biotechnology, Professor of Food Science, Professor of Food Science and Technology.

Former Director of the Manchester Food Research Centre

Former heads of the Multidisciplinary Research Centre

Supervised PhD.(35), MSc (14), MD (1) and MPhil (2)

Edited a number of International Journals:

  • International Journal of Food Science and Technology
  • Food and Agricultural Immunology
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Foods
  • Nutrition and Food Science