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About Dr Gareth Nye

Gareth started his career in academia by studying for a BSc in Physiology at The University of Liverpool. He continued his training and development at The Centre For Integrated Research Into Musculoskeletal Ageing in Liverpool, where he studied for a PhD in musculoskeletal pathophysiology. His PhD focused on understanding how the musculoskeletal system ages in an integrated way and looked at interventions to prevent and reverse the damage – in particular, reactive oxygen species. Gareth continued his research career at the University of Manchester and applied the techniques he developed during his PhD to investigate how and why some babies do not reach their genetic growth potential.

Gareth joined the University of Chester in 2019 as a lecturer of physiology and is programme leader for BMedSci Medical Science. He is also a mental health first aider within Chester Medical School.


Gareth has previous experience teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate physiology programmes and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation students. His areas of teaching include cell biology, physiology and pathophysiology/disease.


Gareth’s research focuses on conditions affecting the maternal and fetal environment during pregnancy and how that can influence life post pregnancy.

Published Work

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BSc (Hons) Physiology, University of Liverpool, 2012

PhD, University of Liverpool, 2016