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Turf management is a growing industry and affects us all. Not only do professional sports pitches such as football, golf and tennis turf need to be high quality and well-maintained but there is also an expectation for parks and public spaces to be appealing and available throughout the year and in all weathers.

All Turf Ltd supplies a range of specialist turf to domestic and commercial markets, from homeowners and councils to golf courses and football pitches. Being an inherently sustainable business, All Turf uses solar panels, boreholes and natural fertilisers when growing their products at their site in Yorkshire.

A key and innovative product which is growing in popularity is the All Turf’s Green Roof. This product is being continually improved and offers many benefits to customers. Green roofs are visually appealing and showcase a company’s commitment to sustainability, they have insulating qualities and therefore reduce the need for heating and cooling within a property, they reduce noise and air pollution, and they offer benefits to nearby eco-systems by providing a natural habitat for wildlife.

Lancaster University’s Centre for Global Eco-Innovation has supported All Turf’s development and promotion of their green roof product by providing a fully-funded student internship. This project helped to highlight the environmental and social benefits of green roofs and identified appropriate target markets and routes of entry to help increase future sales of this product.

Luke Taylor of All Turf Ltd says, “We have identified green roofs as the primary focus of the business for the coming 12 months and the area which is expected to grow the most. Our internship with the Centre provided a fantastic resource to help drive market understanding and campaigns to push this innovation forward.”

To find out more about All Turf’s green roofs you can contact the team on 01565 723 128 or email

Eco-Innovation Cheshire and Warrington is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund and is a partnership between the University of Chester and Lancaster University.

If you’re an SME looking for support to a develop low carbon product or service please get in touch with Stephen at the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation on 01524 510745 or email