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Interview Format - Preparation is key

Selection will be based on the following three elements:

  1. 5-minute presentation

    Preparation and delivery of a 5-minute presentation at the start of your interview to your interviewers with the title: ‘My understanding of professional social work’.  Your talk should demonstrate some prior reading/ research - here are some suggestions that you may wish to include:

        What do social workers do?
      What might be seen as some of the challenges?
      How might social workers improve the lives of vulnerable people?
               The role of legislation and policy

    Please note no presentation aids (e.g. power-point) are to be used. 

  2. Individual interview

    An individual interview which will last approximately 20 minutes. You will be interviewed by a member of academic staff and a person with lived experience of social work services and/or a social work practitioner.

  3. Written exercise

    A written exercise. The title for this exercise will be given to you during your interview.  You will be given an hour to complete and return this (after your interview has ended) via email to Val Gant: quoting your UCAS Personal ID number and full name on the email.

Watch our interview tips video below for more information:

This video was filmed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group work element is not currently a feature of our online interview process.

Please find a link below to our BA Social Work welcome presentation:

Open the presentation

On the Day

We advise for you to “join” the interview at least 10 minutes before your interview is due to start. Once you have pressed “join,” you will be waiting in a virtual lobby. Our interview panel will invite you in when they are ready. 

The interview will be with up to three interviewers. The panel will consist of our experienced and friendly academic staff along with person with lived experience of social work services and/or a social work practitioner. 

Please have some photo ID (e.g. Passport or Driving Licence) ready to confirm your identify at the start of your interview. 

Microsoft Teams

In light of Covid-19 we are unable to offer interviews on campus and all interviews will be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams.

Please ensure you have a Microsoft Teams account on your PC or tablet. If not, click here. Signing up is free and it is simple to use. Please ensure you use the same email that you have given on your application.  

It is essential you reply to your invitation for you to receive your Microsoft Teams invitation. Once you have accepted your interview date, please then check your email two working days before your interview. You will receive an email via Microsoft Teams with your interview time and a link where you can directly join your interview (“meeting”) on the day. 

Please reply to your invitation here 

Please note your interview invitation will NOT appear on UCAS Track.

Further details of how to use Microsoft Teams for your interview (“meeting”) can be found here.

Checking your certificates and documents

Prior to your interview day please scan the documents below to  Please remember to quote your full-name and applicant/UCAS Personal ID number.

  • A level and GCSE or equivalent qualification certificates (where already completed)
  • Change of name document and/or marriage certificate (if any prior certificates are in a different name)
  • Proof of UK residency/indefinite leave to remain (if applicable)


The criteria used for selection is detailed below:

  1. Applicants must demonstrate that they have awareness of the changing nature of social work and have a realistic awareness of the requirements of professional social work today.
  2. Applicants must show that they have undertaken relevant academic study and be prepared to demonstrate how life/work experience has helped to prepare them for social work training also to demonstrate their learning from their experiences at the appropriate life stage
  3. Applicants must be able to present information, ideas and opinions clearly and concisely both orally and in writing.
  4. Applicants should demonstrate a beginning level of understanding/awareness of the roles and tasks of a social worker.
  5. Applicants should show a beginning level of understanding/awareness of discrimination, prejudice and oppression, and demonstrate the potential to promote positive social work practice.
  6. Applicants must demonstrate a beginning level of self-awareness and the ability to question their own values and beliefs.

After the interview, all the information we have gathered from your application form, presentation, written test, and individual interview will be reviewed against the course’s selection criteria.

Please be aware final decisions will not be made until the last interviews have taken place in April/May. Some candidates may receive a decision sooner, however, you should expect to wait until then to hear from us.

If you do not receive an offer of a place on the course, feedback is available from the Health and Social Care Admissions team should you require it. 

Experience Days

All applicants will have the opportunity to book on to one of our Experience Days or virtual events starting in 2022. Please check back for further details later this year. If you should have any queries about the programme in the meantime please contact

Important Information

We realise that you may want to share your experience of the interview with others, however, we ask that you do not photograph or record the interview, or discuss the specific topics with other applicants, friends, or online. We would appreciate your cooperation with this.

We strongly advise for you to complete the interview somewhere on your own, with no distractions. If you have any issues with completing the interview via Microsoft Teams/access to a computer, please contact HSC admissions to arrange an alternative.

Your selection day will usually last around 30 minutes. It may occasionally overrun, so please take this into account and ensure you are waiting in the virtual lobby via Microsoft Teams.

If you require any additional support or assistance during the virtual interview day due to a disability, medical condition or learning need, please contact the Health and Social Care Admissions team in advance.

Contact Details

Tel: 01244 511000

You can also find us on Social Media here. Just DM us if you have any questions.