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Faculty Strategy and Management

The strategic direction of the Faculty is underpinned by the University Corporate plan and Faculty Business Plan, and is guided by three main aims:

  • To maintain the stability and quality of the core business and enhance the student experience and reputation of the Faculty
  • To enhance research, scholarly activity, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial endeavour
  • To grow and diversify provision and partnerships, including international activity

Student Engagement

The Faculty is committed to engaging with its students, both individually and collectively, to assure and enhance the quality of their educational experiences. In line with Chapter B5 of the QAA’s UK Quality Code, staff create a facilitative environment which encourages student engagement and dialogue. The Faculty works in partnership with students through various mechanisms, from curriculum planning to course review; involvement in open days and induction programmes; research projects; and recognition and dissemination of good practice and representation on Student Staff Liaison meetings, Board of Studies and Course Committees. This ensures that the student voice is heard at strategic level within the Faculty, to monitor provision and suggest strategies to enhance the student experience, across all provision and delivery sites.

Academic Departments

The Faculty has five academic departments, as follows:

  • Acute Adult Care
  • Mental Health and Learning Disability
  • Midwifery, Child and Reproductive Health
  • Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Work and Interprofessional Education

Please note: The Faculty's Pre-registration Nursing provision is delivered by a cross-departmental team of staff, with both core and Field-specific (Adult, Children, Learning Disability or Mental Health) content.