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The Faculty has developed a supportive research environment and has been very successful in increasing the recruitment of post graduate and doctoral students. This is facilitated by discussion and debate at research committee, ethics sub-committee and professorial group.

Additionally, the Faculty has invested in a research office, with permanent research staff to support research and knowledge transfer bids and projects.

Learning in Practice

Learning in practice is a central part of professional programmes and research studies have identified the importance of support in practice from mentors, practice supervisors/educators and academic staff. 

For Nursing and Midwifery Provision, the Faculty has a dedicated Practice Office at the Riverside Campus and Faculty Co-ordinator for Practice Learning and Skills Development, who works collaboratively with other HEIs and practice partners in the region to develop the capacity and quality of practice learning environments. On the Warrington Campus, a dedicated placement team which works hard to build strong working relationships with a variety of Social Work placement providers.

The Faculty has four Practice Development and Research Partnerships (PDRPs) which are communities of practice including practice and academic staff. PDRPs provide a network of service user led research and work based learning opportunities for practitioners to enhance patient care and the clinical learning environment for students. Involvement in PDRP projects also enables practice staff to gain academic credits for practice development initiatives through work based learning modules (at Levels 6 and 7).

For more information on Practice (Nursing and Midwifery), please contact Louise Shorney, Faculty Co-ordinator for Practice Learning and Skills Development Tel: 01244 511628 Email:

For more information on Practice (Social Work), please contact Helen Fruin, Placements Co-ordinator, Social Work Tel: 01925 534631 Email:

Research Centres

The Research Centres located within the Faculty provide opportunities for staff and students to engage with research studies and provide excellent collaborations with stakeholders in health and social care. 

The Centre for Ageing and Mental Health responds to the opportunities and challenges of an ageing world, in relation to research, consultancy and education, with the aim of promoting innovation in health and social care services for older people. The Centre brings together researchers, professionals and PhD students from a variety of fields to facilitate research and education both nationally and internationally.  Members of the Centre contribute to professional bodies in the UK and internationally; are members of a variety of Editorial Boards and have obtained considerable research grants.

The Westminster Centre for Research in Veterans, aims to support the military community through innovative and high quality research, educational provision and community engagement.