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Education must at all times be an enriching journey of exploration and discovery, providing opportunities for learners of all ages and backgrounds to explore new knowledge, experience the interdependent nature of learning, and push personal development boundaries with new found confidence. We find joy in discovery; we take pleasure in invention; we celebrate human creativity; and we seek wisdom, embracing it wherever we find it and strive to apply it to every aspect of life.

University of Chester Corporate Plan - Vision 2020

The University recognises the important role it has in preparing graduates for lives and careers in a global capacity. Our future graduates’ lives will, unlike any generation that has gone before them, be more global than ever in their scope, both in the personal experiences they may encounter, as well as the professional interactions and opportunities they may be presented with. The University’s role is therefore not only to prepare our students as best as we can for their lifelong journeys, but critically, it will be to help them recognise that their lives will be global in context, and to approach their lives with this knowledge.

As a University we can achieve this through various methods, primarily through our teaching and research practises but also via the other interactions and experiences students will have throughout their academic journey. In order to impart our increased knowledge of the world and appropriate skills and experiences to our students, we the University, must have a well-developed sense of why it is important to internationalise and the benefits of doing so.

The Strategy is therefore designed to be inclusive, continuing to enhance student and staff learning as the University develops in new disciplinary areas and provides higher education for an increasingly diverse staff and student population. It builds on the institution’s reputation for excellence in teaching and its capacity for continued enhancement of the student experience across a rich diversity of contexts and disciplines.

Working together we shall:

  1. Build and maintain strong and sustainable partnerships in regional and international arenas in alignment with the University’s educational ethos and where clear, viable and long-term mutual benefits may be derived.
  1. Become a significant recruiter of appropriately qualified international students and provide an attractive learning and living environment for our international students, wherever they are located.
  1. Enhance our international research, teaching and learning opportunities.
  1. Enrich the development of our staff and students through the further expansion of international exchange and study abroad opportunities.
  1. Ensure the highest possible quality and standards in all our collaborative activities, both in the UK and internationally.
  1. Encourage all departments to contribute to the realisation of the University’s Partnerships and International Strategy.

Each Department, Faculty, Directorate and Support Area will respond differently to the many challenges and opportunities presented. Towards achievement of the strategy we commit to;

Establish a range of measures to encourage and support international links in the areas of research, teaching and learning exchange.

Encourage active participation in appropriate research collaborations, internationally as well as nationally, and publishing and presenting at conferences with an international audience. The University will encourage participation in international research institutes, professional associations and projects alongside partners engaged in interdisciplinary and transcontinental research.

Develop our international teaching and learning opportunities through participation in Erasmus exchange schemes and international collaborative curriculum development and the development of joint awards.

Develop successful staff (Research, teaching, administrative and technical) and learners who are enabled to operate confidently and with integrity at home and/or overseas in intercultural and international contexts.

Actively seek external funding to support our international and intercultural development work.

Cultivate and grow the profile of ‘study abroad’ across the university; via-networking, internal, external marketing and recruitment.

Actively support students in participating in global citizenship activities around the globe. Enabling them to choose from an array of opportunities and destinations, such as participation in the Experiential Overseas Learning scheme, studying overseas for an academic year or participation in the Erasmus scheme.

Develop expertise within Faculties and service areas to enable the swift appraisal of opportunities and the secure management of both home or overseas provision and ensuring that risk analysis procedures for new partners are fully addressed and cover academic, commercial, legal and reputational risks.

Produce consistent pricing models to assist Faculties in developing appropriate negotiating stances with potential partners.

Through the embedding of sound quality and standards management principles within partner organizations to facilitate and support the study of University of Chester programmes within the United Kingdom and overseas.

Continue to engage with partners to monitor the student experience and academic performance, and assure the maintenance of standards.

Establish relationships from which both home and international students might progress to University of Chester on-site provision.

Success should be clearly recognisable despite the differing areas of responsibility and expertise required from each Faculty and Department. Amongst our measures of success we include;

  • Development of long-term partnerships with appropriate institutions that benefit the University economically and in terms of its reputation and in a wider capacity, by adding value to our work in areas of both education and training and research and knowledge transfer.
  • Enhanced recruitment, retention, attainment and satisfaction from our international student body.
  • A growing international alumni community which engages positively with the University contributing to a sustainable and successful future.
  • Growth in the number of successful research collaborations (including publications, conference papers and other outputs involving authors from overseas universities).
  • Increase in the proportion of staff engaged in international collaboration; through visits to international partner universities and hosting visitors to Chester for collaborative work.
  • Growth in the number of applications made for grants to fund research involving staff from both University of Chester and overseas universities.
  • An increase in applications and recruitment to our Experiential Overseas Learning providers and further uptake and expansion of study abroad provision.
  • International and regional partnerships considered to be expected Faculty business.
  • The ability to consider and securely approve new international provision, within a timely manner, of initial expression of interest.
  • The growth of a pool of internationally experienced tutors, link tutors, and validation panel members.