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The University of Chester is committed to the creation and exchange of knowledge that is significant and ethical, has a recognised impact, supports excellence, has the goal of creating an enriching vibrant academic community for students and staff and, through co- creation, co-production and co-development with stakeholders, creates opportunities for developing sustainable cultures and communities.

University Mission

Within the University’s mission are three foundational values which the University is committed to recognising:

  • “the dignity and worth of every individual.”
  • “the vital role of education in the service of society.”
  • “the inherent value of the pursuit of truth and freedom of enquiry.”

These foundational values shape and characterise the research environment and impact activities at Chester, and help cultivate our distinctive commitments to:

  • Advance local and global agendas in relation to inclusion, equality, diversity and human rights.
  • Advance knowledge and enhance practice in the service of society.
  • Support innovation, invention, experimentation, and creativity to ensure a sustainable future.

Our Goals

We commit to work together to:

  • Host an expanding and improving University research environment that creates knowledge through excellent research and innovation with impact within and beyond academic disciplines that enriches the local and global communities we serve
  • Create an environment where students and the wider community play a full part in the research of the University, influence the development of research questions and are able to contribute to the University’s success and learn through these experiences.
  • Ensure that high quality research and innovative practices contribute to exceptional teaching and learning and help influence the development and improvement of society.
  • Provide an enabling environment where adventure in research is valued, success is celebrated and where any setbacks are valued as learning opportunities.
  • Be the clear university partner of choice in the communities that we serve by engaging effectively in ways that contribute to economic, social and cultural success, both in the UK and internationally.

The full Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2021-2026 can be downloaded here