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Research and knowledge exchange (RKE) at the University of Chester is being transformed by academic staff, postgraduate research students and professional services staff – drawing on our hugely important links to external stakeholders and those using our research. We seek to continue our mission to grow high quality RKE activities which positively impact our communities – local, regional, national and international – whilst producing lasting social benefit.  

All RKE activities at the University of Chester seek to contribute to advances in knowledge through addressing the grand challenges and ‘wicked problems’ society faces as we traverse the 21st century. This is a good time to be refreshing our RKE strategy, overlapping as it does with the recent launch of UKRI’s Strategy (2022-2027), which places research and innovation at the heart of society and the economy.

Our RKE Strategy aligns to the new Faculty configuration and provides real opportunities for enhanced inter-disciplinary working across our dynamic academic communities, whilst drawing on the talents of our Citizen Students.

The document linked below, therefore, sets out a Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy (RKE Strategy) delivered across a six-year window. It follows  a time when we have seen major improvements in our research as assessed by REF2021 and our knowledge exchange as seen through KEF2 outcomes. Our university community should celebrate these achievements whilst recognising that in the crowded marketplace we find ourselves in, there is still much to be done to build on these gains. It emphasises quality, excellence and innovation through the creation of an outcomes-oriented and evidence-informed RKE culture. It also foregrounds our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in line with the University’s core values. 

Key Aims

The key aims of the strategy seek to: 

  1. Enhance the quality, impact and esteem of outputs and research activities, strengthening the Research Excellence Framework (REF). 
  2. Significantly increase research grant and contract income.   
  3. Enhance the quality and economic value of regional engagement activities, strengthening the Higher Education, Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) Survey and Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF).  
  4. Enhance the experience and outcomes of Postgraduate Research Students, delivering improved performance in the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES).  
  5. Enhance the experience of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Students with respect to Research and Knowledge Exchange, aligned to the Citizen Student Strategy (CSS).  


You can also download and read our full Research & Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2022-2028.