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Why Study History at Chester?

There has never been a better time to study History and Chester is a perfect place to study it!  Set within a unique historic environment, our inspiring and inclusive degree programme offers not only an exploration of the past but also a gateway to your future. 

A Global History in One City

During the COVID-19 lockdown, the Department’s historians and archaeologists set themselves the challenge of rooting their own research in the city of Chester itself, to demonstrate how the local history of Chester is undeniably part of a rich and dynamic global history.

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From Medieval to Modern, from local to global, we embrace a range of approaches including social, cultural and political history, the study of material culture, and the application of history in a practical context. You will explore important themes and issues relating to race, diversity, gender, imperialism, conflict and climate change.   Through the study of the past we can make sense of our present and start to think about how to work together to shape our future.  Join our passionate team to start shaping your future.

“I realise that the exceptional pastoral support, the social environment and the interventions tailored to enhance my academic leaning, in addition to the amazing lectures made my time studying with the history department, at Chester something that I cherish and continue to draw upon both personally and professionally.” – Mark Hanrahan, History Graduate

Your Degree, Your Way

Working within a friendly, supportive environment, you can pick and choose from a wide range of modules to tailor your degree to your own interests.  Staff are active researchers and experts in their field and you will be able to benefit from their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching.  You’ll be able to explore some subjects intensively and to examine broader themes in others.  You might want to specialise in a particular chronological period, or study one geographical region, or focus on one historical theme – or you might want to do a bit of everything!  It’s your choice!

" I chose Chester following an open day. What particularly me impressed was the sense of community I felt. I enjoyed the opportunity to study the breadth (or sweep) of history offered by Chester which is fairly unique.” – Thomas Horton, History Graduate

The Past and Your Future

Key skills are embedded throughout the programme to prepare you for a successful career after you graduate.  As well as learning in the classroom, online, on field trips and through links with local organisations, you will also develop and enhance skills valued by employees in the 2020s, including digital skills, critical thinking, oral and written communication, self-motivation and teamwork. 

You’ll work with original material from local, national and international archives, providing opportunities for outstanding work.  The department has close relations with the local record office, Chester and Cheshire archives as well as the county Military Museum, the national Waterways archives at Ellesmere Port, the St. Deninol’s research library, Chester Cathedral and the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.  Students have undertaken research projects at all these places and many more.  You’ll also engage with our partners in third-party sectors, giving you experience of heritage and education, and setting you up for future MA, PGCE or graduate scheme pathways. 

“The skills which are embedded throughout the programme such as research, analysis and written communication are incredibly useful and transferable skills which can be applied in a variety of employment environments.” – Hanna Cochran, History Graduate

Samples of our students’ work can be found on our website.

Our Teaching Staff

At Chester the study of History ranges over nearly two thousand years!  Our staff are experts in a wide range of topics in British, European and international history, specialising in a variety of approaches ranging from identity, race and ethnicity to politics and justice, from leisure and the landscape to war, conflict and social change.

"As a student studying both History and Archaeology, it is essential for me to have a hard-working and always-improving department to rely upon. The department here at Chester is such a reliable and suitable place for me to do my studies, and for me to get the most out of myself." — Kyle Jones, First Year Student

Whether you’re interested in the fall of Rome or the fall of the Twin Towers, in the development of an English ‘identity’ or the struggles of those around the world to preserve their culture and identity, in consumerism or conflict, in migration or racial equality, in the history of free time or the history of free speech – we have something for you!

‘The history lecturers are all very nice. When the revolution occurs they will all be spared.' Anonymous First Year Student

An expert explains

Hidden Narratives Behind Medieval Art - Dr Katherine Wilson, Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester's History and Archaeology Department, discusses the hidden meanings within the The Arnolfini Portrait.

German Jews' Experience of World War One - Professor Tim Grady, from the University of Chester's History and Archaeology Department, delves deeper than the national histories surrounding the First World War, to shed light on the Jewish individuals who served Germany in the conflict.

You really can Get What Counts from your history degree at Chester!

Want to find out more? See what our students have said about us on our website.