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History deals with the recorded human past; everything that we know about what people have done, how they have lived their lives, and the causes and effects of social, political, cultural and economic events and developments. By studying the past you enrich the quality of your life by better understanding why the world is as it is, and gain a greater appreciation of your place in it.

"As a student studying both History and Archaeology, it is essential for me to have a hard-working and always-improving department to rely upon. The department here at Chester is such a reliable and suitable place for me to do my studies, and for me to get the most out of myself."

— Kyle Jones, First Year Student

The study of history also helps you to acquire the skills that employers value, such as original and critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and information handling. These skills will serve you well in the job market, and can open up many career options.

History students have access to a wider range of sources than ever before, and the Department of History and Archaeology - based close to Chester's historic city centre - aims to reflect the immense variety of the subject, covering different periods, themes and approaches to the past.

Your study experience

At Chester the study of History ranges over nearly two thousand years of History, from the fall of Rome to Cold War America. Our staff are experts on a wide range of topics and you can explore key turning points in history, the Vikings, the Crusades, the Consumer Revolution, the English Civil War, the Holocaust, and minorities and migration in the 19th and 20th centuries. You will also have the opportunity to conduct original research in your dissertation.

An expert explains

Hidden Narratives Behind Medieval Art - Dr Katherine Wilson, Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester's History and Archaeology Department, discusses the hidden meanings within the The Arnolfini Portrait.

German Jews' Experience of World War One - Professor Tim Grady, from the University of Chester's History and Archaeology Department, delves deeper than the national histories surrounding the First World War, to shed light on the Jewish individuals who served Germany in the conflict.

You will be able to take advantage of a friendly, supportive environment, a wide range of modules and the opportunity to explore some subjects intensively and in others to examine broader themes. Staff are active researchers and experts in their field and you will be able to benefit from their knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching.

The department has close relations with the local record office, Chester and Cheshire archives as well as the county Military Museum, the national Waterways archives at Ellesmere Port and the St. Deninol’s research library. Students have undertaken research projects at all these places and more.

  • The history lecturers are all very nice. When the revolution occurs they will all be spared.' Anonymous First Year Student.