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The History degree at Chester is split over three years. Students studying a Foundation Year or who opt to take a Year Abroad will complete these three years over the duration of a four year degree.

The first year is about laying the foundation for future success. What does it mean to study History? How do I do it? What can I do with my History degree? By the end of the first year you will be equipped with the skills necessary for you to become an accomplished and first-rate historian.

In the second year you are given the opportunity to study specific regions and themes in detail. These are designed to further enhance your skills in key areas, including independent research, engaging with historical debates, and charting a pathway to your future career. 

In the final year you will study History in depth as part of an indepdent research dissertatoin and in Special Subjects which focuses on a particular historical region or theme and its primary sources in depth.

If you'd like to learn about the modules you'll study at Chester, please click on the links below: