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Marzia Mauriello received her PhD in Ethno-anthropology from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ in 2008. Her research focuses on the processes of construction, deconstruction and representation of gender identities in the contemporary world, with particular reference to Mediterranean urban cultures. Her main research topics are related to LGBTQI studies and also to Food Studies.

Based on over ten years of ethnographic fieldwork in the Naples, Marzia has published papers and book chapters on the processes of medicalization of the trans experience; the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion of gender non-conforming people; and on the intersections between food and gender. She is currently working on the street food culture in Naples in relation to gender and migration.

Her book on genders in early-twentieth-century Neapolitan theatre was published in 2016. As well as being an affiliate of the IGS at the University of Chester, Marzia is also an affiliate of the Gender History Research Centre and of the Centro Studi Cibo e Alimentazione, both based at the University of Naples ‘L’Orientale’.