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The University of Chester makes every effort to ensure that the information provided to applicants about courses of study at the University of Chester is complete and correct.  However, the University reserves the right, at its discretion, and for any reason deemed fitting or necessary, to make changes or cancellations, without notice, for the courses mentioned herein.  The University of Chester cannot accept liability for loss resulting from such changes or cancellations.

A place is offered to you subject to the University Student Contract Conditions, which will be incorporated by reference in all contracts between the University and its students, for a course of study or programme of research. These terms and conditions contain obligations binding upon you and the University and which restrict the University’s liability.

Refund Policy

*COVID-19 Updated Policy

Updated September 9th, 2021: The University has amended its refund policy for new international students planning to join during the 2022/23 academic year, reflecting the various circumstances in which students may find themselves.  The important aspects to note are:

  • Offer holders are eligible for a full tuition fee deposit refund at any point of the admissions process if they have not received a CAS from the University and have not yet enrolled for either online or in-person studies.
  • Students who are granted a student visa, and who travel to the UK and enrol on their programme during the normal arrival window for their programme, will adhere to the University’s standard policy relating to payments and refunds.
  • Students who begin their formal teaching and learning online will receive a full refund of any tuition fee payments made to the University (less a £250 administration fee) if they are physically unable to transition to the UK to continue their studies, but only in the following circumstances:
    • Where a student's visa application was unsuccessful on any grounds, except where fraudulent documentation was given as a reason for the refusal by the Home Office; or
    • Where a student is unable to physically travel to the UK for reasons outside their control, for example as a result of travelling restrictions in place either in the UK or in their home country;
  • Students who are granted a student visa but subsequently do not travel to the UK to enrol, no deposit shall be refunded.

Definition of unable to physically travel to the UK: 

This will apply to student unable to travel to the UK because of regulations in the student's home country or no travel options being available (i.e. flights).  

It does not mean students from 'red list' countries not willing to travel to the UK to quarantine in a government managed hotel.  Though the University will take a view on this on a case by case basis, i.e. if a student has paid a deposit before the country was put on the red list.  

Students unwilling to travel to the UK:

If a student is able but unwilling to travel to the UK, they would not be entitled to a refund.

However, the University will allow the student to pause their study and continue from the same point next financial year without any additional charge.  In addition, the student will be charged to the point they wish to pause their study.  Therefore, if they have failed, not submitted or need to re-do a module, this will lead to additional charges.  


The following deposit refund policy applies to all overseas applicants (here on in referred to as applicants) irrespective of the type of visa used to request or gain leave to enter or further leave to remain in the United Kingdom for the purposes of, applying for admission to a programme of study at the University of Chester.

The University of Chester reserves the right to amend this refund policy, at its discretion, and for any reason deemed fitting or necessary, without notice.

Any refund made will be at the sole discretion of the University of Chester and will be subject to a £250 administration charge. The University will consider all requests for a refund of deposit payments on an individual basis.  Deposit payment refunds will only be issued in the following instances:

  1. Where an applicant has withdrawn their application for study prior to being issued with a CAS, or;
  2. Where an applicant has applied for leave to enter/remain which has subsequently been refused by UKVI, and;
  • The applicant has provided the University with copies of documents received from UKVI in relation to the refusal, including a transcript of any interview undertaken with UKVI as part of the application for leave to enter/remain,  as requested by the University and as detailed in the CAS policy, and;
  • The applicant can demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the University, that they have not contributed in any way to the refusal, and
  • The applicant has followed instructions, issued by the University, in relation to the application for leave to enter/remain, and;
  • The applicant has submitted a request to UKVI for an administrative review, appeal or similar as requested by the University, which has subsequently been rejected, and;
  • Following the rejection of the request for an administrative review, appeal or similar, the University has deemed that it no longer wishes to sponsor or support a further application for leave to enter/remain, and;
  • Either no alternative legitimate routes, within the immigration rules, for the applicant to obtain leave to enter or remain in the UK exist to the extent that it would not be possible for the applicant to undertake their chosen programme of study or an alternative, or;
  • The applicant having satisfied all of the criteria as detailed above wishes to withdraw their application for study.

Please note, refunds can only be issued to your original payment method. 

A panel comprising of staff from the International Centre and Legal Services will meet, after each intake has been completed, to review each refund request received from any student whose visa application was refused by the UKVI.  It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the panel has received any documentation or evidence they wish to be considered relating to their request for a refund.  The panel may request additional information from third parties, including the Home Office.  If in the reasonable opinion of the panel the student has not fulfilled the refund criteria or the circumstances in which a deposit would not normally be refunded have been met, the deposit will not be refundable.

Deposit payments will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances:

  1. Where a visa application is approved by the Home Office.
  2. Where an applicant successfully gains leave to remain in the United Kingdom.
  3. Where fraudulent documentation has been provided during the admissions, CAS or visa process, irrespective of whether or not the applicant contributed to the fraudulent activity.
  4. Where an applicant is issued a CAS by the University of Chester and does not commence their studies and/or complete the University’s enrolment process.
  5. Where a visa application is refused for any reason and the University deems the applicant contributed towards the refusal. To be considered for a refund the applicant must follow any instructions given to them by the University.
  6. Where a visa application is refused and the applicant fails to submit a request to UKVI for an administrative review, appeal or similar, having been advised by the University to do so.