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Experiential Overseas Learning

This is a unique opportunity to gain credit towards your degree by participating in various short-term placements around the world. This includes engaging with issues from business to social justice, poverty, development and the environment.

This course is designed to give a broad introduction to experiential learning in the international context, allowing you to get a thorough idea of what is expected of you prior to departure, whilst abroad and the assessment process. This course is predominantly based around globalisation; cultural expectations, development and reflective practice. It will also cover risk assessment techniques and research process.

Course Aims
  • To equip participants with appropriate knowledge and skills to study or work in a different cultural, linguistic and/or social environment; enhancing ethical, cultural and intercultural awareness.
  • To enhance students understanding of the ethical issues related to living and working abroad.
  • To increase students Global Citizenship skills
  • To provide an opportunity for students to reflect critically on their experience of living and learning within an unfamiliar culture, to their 'home' culture or ethnic group.
  • To challenge students to learn about themselves as global citizens in terms of life skills, career choices and academic development outside the classroom.


  • Academic credit
  • Life changing experiences
  • Employability Enhancement
  • Personal development
  • Can contribute towards the Chester Difference Award

Is it for me?

Before you apply, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy the excitement of new situations?
  • Are you resilient and able to you use your initiative?
  • Are you both a leader and a team player?
  • Do you like meeting new people?
  • Do you have effective time management and organisational skills?
  • Are you culturally sensitive?
  • Are you willing and ready to learn from other people?
  • Do you have a thirst for adventure?
  • Are you excited at the thought of making a difference to someone else’s life and your own?
  • Do you want a life changing experience?

If you have answered yes to these questions then you may be eligible for an exciting and challenging opportunity to take part in a short term project/placement abroad.

* The Orientation Support programme is compulsory and students are expected to attend all sessions. Unsatisfactory attendance of the Orientation Programme and/or the overseas placement could result in the overseas placement opportunity being withdrawn. Students must complete and have a Risk Assessment approved before they are eligible for this module.

** The Learning Agreement/Action Plan must be submitted by the end of the Orientation Support programme and be agreed by the study abroad tutor and their personal academic tutor (PAT).

*** Students must have completed Level 4 successfully. Although available to all students as an alternative to WB5101 Work-based Learning, ML5004 must be applied for and participation is restricted to students who meet the criteria of interview, attendance and behaviour during Level 5.

Study Destinations




Type of Placement

9 weeks to 4 months


American Summers


4 weeks to 12 weeks Sri Lanka & Nepal Travelteer Volunteering

4 weeks to 16 weeks

Costa Rica

Languages and Cultures


4 weeks to 16 weeks

South Africa

Edge of Africa


4 weeks to 16 weeks


University of Jyväskylä

Summer School

4 weeks to 16 weeks



Summer School

4 weeks to 16 weeks



Summer School

4 weeks to 16 weeks


ISEP Summer schools

Summer School

Fees and Funding

All our experiential learning projects cost from £500 to £3,500 this includes travel. However, the prices change from year to year due to a variety of aspects beyond our control.

We will furnish you with an exact cost eight weeks before departure.

If you decide to participate in one of our Social Justice and Civic Engagement projects you are permitted to raise funds to pay for your trip via charity fund raising.

From skydiving and backpacking, to car washing and sponsored walks; all that hampers your attempts is time and imagination. *you may raise up to £4000 in this manner with all proceeds beyond your trip to go to the organisation you are volunteering at.

If you decide to participate in one of our business, language and multicultural competence opportunities there are bursaries available, and early bird rates to help with initial costs but these are entirely self-funded as they do fit the remit of a charitable project. However we advise students to consider go-fund me, sponsored activities and other sources of income including part time work or employment sponsorship. For all projects if you are in receipt of student finance you may be eligible to apply to the body that funds you for a travel grant to cover costs in excess of £303.

How to Apply

Deadlines and Important Dates for Short Placements in 2023/24

Applications Open

15th August 2023

Application Priority Deadline

15th November 2023

Application Final Deadline

30th January 2024

Study Abroad Information and Application Q&A Session

October 2023

Welcome to Study Abroad Session

November 2023

Attend lectures for ML5004

February and March 2024

One-to-One Getting Reading to Go Session

From June 2024

For the best chance of achieving your first choice destination and in order to receive all available guidance it is advised you apply by our priority deadline.

If you miss any of the above deadlines, you may become ineligible.

Application Process

  1. Read the Study Abroad Handbook 
  2. Complete an application form here 
    Please note this application form is for students who will be studying at level 5/second year in the 2023/24 academic year onlyYou will need to log in to your University account to access this.

  3. You will then be invited to a one-to-one Meeting with the Study Abroad Team
  4. Attend information sessions
  5. Apply to placement provider
  6. Complete all required paperwork/administrative tasks
  7. Attend lectures
  8. Attend one-to-one Getting Reading to Go Session
  9. Go Abroad!
  10. Share your experience once you have returned from your placement – write a blog, case study or attend Open Days and other events.

*Please see the handbook for further information on the application process.