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All our experiential learning Projects Cost around £2000 including travel, however, the prices change from year to year due to a variety of aspects beyond our control.

We will furnish you with an exact cost 8 weeks before departure.

If you decide to participate in one of our Social Justice and Civic Engagement projects you are permitted to raise funds to pay for your trip via charity fund raising.

From skydiving and backpacking, to car washing and sponsored walks; all that hampers your attempts is time and imagination. *you may raise up to £4000 in this manner with all proceeds beyond your trip to go to the organisation you are volunteering at.

If you decide to participate in one of our business, language and multicultural competence opportunities there are bursaries available, and early bird rates to help with initial costs but these are entirely self-funded as they do fit the remit of a charitable project. However we advise students to consider go-fund me, sponsored activities and other sources of income including part time work or employment sponsorship. For all projects if you are in receipt of student finance you may be eligible to apply to the body that funds you for a travel grant to cover costs in excess of £303.

Application fee: £59