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The University of Chester has academic roots stretching back to 1839 and welcomes incoming students from across the world.

We work hard to offer a life-transforming experience to our students in a creative, caring and encouraging environment. In choosing Chester, you will be selecting an institution with a strong learning tradition that will challenge you to give the best of yourself in your academic work, sport and recreation, and your contribution to our student community. We want to ensure that you can take advantage of the unique opportunities we have to offer both inside and outside of your studies, whilst providing you with one of the best experiences of your life.


  • September - December
  • January - June

Full Academic Year

  • September - June



  • Priority Application Deadline: April
  • Final Application Deadline: May


  • Priority Application Deadline: September
  • Final Application Deadline: October

Course Options/Academics

Incoming exchange students take 120 credits over a year, or 60 over a semester*. All exchange students are advised to take our bespoke 20 credit level five module: ML5108 - Intercultural Experiential Learning

The course Intercultural Experiential Learning will facilitate the student in obtaining the best out of an exchange. The principal purpose of this module is to encourage the student to reflect upon their personal experiences as a study abroad student and how these experiences impact the student’s perceptions of their own identity, culture and history. Thoroughly grounded in theory, the course helps the student to focus upon their overseas adventures and turn them into constructive learning experiences. With this in mind, there are a number of facilitated field trips and independent adventures, the student can review systematically.

Along with this module/course, students will the take an additional four/five courses/modules equalling a further 100/40 credits, in subjects of their choice.

Students will have the opportunity to take classes in the following subject areas. For a more detailed list of the modules available in your term, please contact us at

  • Biology
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • English
  • Fine Art, Graphic Design and Photography
  • Games Development
  • Geography
  • History and Archaeology
  • Languages and Cultures 
  • Mathematics
  • Media
  • Natural Sciences
  • Performing Arts
  • Psychology
  • Social and Political Science
  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • Theology and Religious Studies

Please click here for further information the modules available to exchange students.



All international study abroad students are guaranteed university accommodation. We have a range of accommodation options, both on campus and immediately surrounding. You can find additional information on our semi and self-catered properties within the Accommodation section.

Fees and Funding

Exchange: If you you join us through a partner institution or ISEP Exchange, you will continue to pay the tuition fees of your home institution. 

Study Abroad Direct: If you apply via an agent or partner institutions with Study Abroad Direct, tuition will be charged at the usual international rate.  If applying via ISEP Direct, any additional costs are outlined on the ISEP website.  

How to Apply

Please check with your University's study abroad department to see if you are eligible, and if so, then contact us at for an application pack.  

For all exchanges within the Department of Languages and Cultures please email: