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Student Futures

This team puts students at the heart of everything they do. They offer the below services:

  • Provide information, advice and guidance
  • Supporting students through any challenges that can arise
  • Helping students to have a positive and successful experience of student life


Student Futures teams are located in the following buildings:

  • Binks Building: Ground Floor CBK 005 (Parkgate Road Campus, Chester)
  • Martin Building: Ground Floor WMA 012 (Warrington Campus)
  • Guildhall Building: Ground Floor SGH022 (Shrewsbury)


Support and Development

There are 5 sections within Student Futures Support and Development:

  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Financial Support
  • Disability and Inclusion
  • Volunteering and Mentoring
  • Induction and Transition 


Wellbeing and Mental Health

Offers all students impartial, practical and confidential information, advice and guidance about any issues that may be affecting their University experience. Wellbeing and Mental Health can help with:

  • Making the transition into University life
  • Homesickness
  • Financial problems
  • Personal problems
  • Exam stress
  • Mental health
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Conflict with others
  • Understanding academic procedures
  • Looking at your options so you can make informed decisions

Students can book on to a range of wellbeing sessions by using this link. Sessions include:

  • Stress busters
  • Baking sessions
  • Walk and talk
  • Food is mood
  • Relaxation sessions

For more information, contact: or 01244 511550

Click here to access our portal pages 

The University of Chester app

Students can find a wide range wellbeing related information in the support section of the University of Chester app. 


Student Counselling

A process that enables you to explore and make sense of issues that may be distressing you or disrupting your life. This might include managing depression, panic attacks, time management, low self-esteem and relationships. Exploration of problems can lead to greater awareness, increased understanding and change.

For more information, contact: or 01244 511550. Student Counselling portal pages can be found here.


Disability and Inclusion

Supports students to benefit from University life and to achieve their academic potential. They provide information, advice and guidance to students with a range of disabilities such as:

  • Specific Learning Differences (Dyslexia, Dyspraxia)
  • Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC)
  • Mental health conditions
  • Physical disabilities
  • Long term medical conditions

For more information, contact: or 01244 511550. Disability and Inclusion portal pages can be found here


Volunteering and Mentoring

Volunteering- visit our volunteering website by clicking on the volunteering app on Portal to search for volunteer opportunities with local charities or with our student-led projects; record volunteer hours and apply for volunteer awards!

Student-led projects- brand new this year! Chester Student Dog Walkers and Welly Wednesdays-apply through the volunteer website!

School Mentoring- applications open until 26th October to be a School Mentor- gain brilliant volunteering experience in either Primary or Secondary schools. Search “school mentoring” on Portal for more info and to apply

Peer Mentoring- Level 4 students can apply to get a Peer mentor- a trained Level 5 or 6 student who can help answer basic queries and signpost to relevant services. Search Peer mentoring on Portal to Get a Mentor!

For more information, contact: or 01244 511550. Volunteering and Mentoring portal pages can be found here

Proctor's Office

University of Chester has been ranked the safest city based University in North West England three years in a row since 2016. The Proctor's Office deals with the following areas:

  • Complaints
  • Student Behaviour
  • Community Liaison

For more information, contact: or 01244 511550. Proctor's Office portal pages can be found here.


Registering with a Doctor

It is really important to register with a doctor whilst you are at University. This will ensure that you look after your health and wellbeing by having access to a variety of services:

  • GP consultations
  • Blood tests and health checks
  • Sexual Health
  • Prescribed medications both short and long term
  • Mental Health
  • A variety of clinics (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc)