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Enrolment information will be emailed to you from once your CAS has been issued or once your unconditional offer has been issued (if you do not require a student visa to study in the UK).

The enrolment information will include information on how to complete the online enrolment process as well as how to access our Pre-arrival site PASS, which holds important information on pre-arrival activities, what you need to do before travelling to the UK, arrival and airport collection services, self-isolation support available, finance, accommodation, induction activities, your timetable, academic programmes and much, much more

You must complete your enrolment at the University by the start of your course. Failure to complete the full enrolment process by the deadlines provided will result in your student status being withdrawn and if you are studying on a student visa, your visa sponsorship being withdrawn.

The full enrolment process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Online Enrolment:

This is the first step of the enrolment process and can be completed before arriving at the University. The enrolment process can be access via PASS and you will need to continue through all the stages, this will include providing information on your contact and home addresses and your next of kin.

If you have any problems logging in to the online enrolment system or continuing through the stages please contact

Step 2: Pay Fees:

At the end of the online enrolment process, you may be required to pay 50% of the remaining balance of your tuition fees. This payment must be made to confirm your enrolment, and must be done regardless of where you will be commencing your studies i.e. in the UK or online overseas.  Please note, students required to pay a higher deposit amount will not be required to pay again prior to enrolment, however, the entirety of the remaining balance is due within three months after the course start date.  Please refer to the financial guidance attached with your offer letter for details.   

If you are travelling to the UK prior to the start of your course we strongly advise that you make this payment to the University from your home country as soon as you receive your visa and before you travel to the UK. Funds should be transferred directly to the University’s account

 For information on the different ways your tuition fees can be made please visit the How to Pay section.

Step 3: Immigration Documents/BRP Card/Passport:

The final stage of your enrolment is to provide the University with your current immigration documents (i.e. passport, entry clearance visa and BRP (if applicable)) and original academic documents stated on your University of Chester CAS.

If you have applied to extend your student visa from within the UK and your new visa has not been issued/your immigration documents are still with the Home Office, you must supply one of the following documents in order to complete your enrolment:

  • Correspondence from the Home Office confirming that you University of Chester visa application has been made and is currently being process (i.e. copy of your latest visa application and letter of biometrics).
  • Front sheet of your University of Chester visa application and Post Office receipt confirming that your documents have been posted to the Home Office.

We must see evidence that you have applied to change your sponsorship over the University of Chester in order to enrol you on to your new course of study course.

Completion of your enrolment will allow you to receive further information about your programme and module registration information. You will not be able to access e-learning spaces until you have enrolled.

You will be expected to complete this full enrolment process for every academic year of your course.

Enrolment Delays

If you are experiencing problems completing your online enrolment, paying your fees or collecting your BRP card please ensure you keep the International Centre updated and keep in contact with the International Centre staff at the University. Where possible, we will provide you with advice and support to help ensure your enrolment is completed on time.