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About the International Student Barometer Survey

The International Student Barometer Survey is an annual survey conducted by i-graduate which provides insight into the decision-making, expectations, perceptions, and intentions of international students across the globe from application to graduation. At the University of Chester, we use the feedback we receive to make informed decisions to enhance the international student experience and to highlight the areas for improvement.

In 2022, 91% of the University of Chester international students were satisfied with their overall experience, compared to a UK average of 89%.

Participation in the International Student Barometer 2022

In the recent survey, a total of 601 responses were received for the University of Chester, with a total of 119,254 students taking part globally.

Below is a selection of the results received about the University of Chester based on feedback from our students.

Global Rankings

Category Chester Global Ranking (out of 100+ institutions)
Employment & Careers Support
Employment & Careers Advice 1st
Careers Fairs / Networking Opportunities 1st
Employment & Careers Support 1st
Employment 1st
Representation 1st
Placement 3rd
Training 1st
Face-to-face Orientation  5th
Opportunities to Teach 2nd
Online Group Work 6th
Online Study Materials 9th
Social Activities (Organised Events) 3rd
Social Facilities 1st
Earning Money 2nd
Living Cost 2nd
Financial Support 2nd
Cost of Accommodation 6th
Living Overall 4th
Support Overall 10th


Percentage Satisfaction Scores


Chester %


Pre-Arrival Information 91.0%
Enrolment / Academic Registration 92.3%
Face-to-face Orientation 96.0%
Introduction to Support Services 91.3%
Access to Online Materials


Employment and Careers Support

Overall Information 90.9%
Advice 89.6%


Physical Library Facilities 94.4%
Language Support 94.2%
Learning Spaces 92.3%
On-Campus Facilities 93.8%
Laboratories 91.7%
Expert Lecturers 91.6%
Virtual Learning Environment 93.6%


Feeling Safe on Campus 95.8%
Campus Environment 94.0%
Campus Buildings 90.9%
Making Friends From My Home Country 90.2%


Learning and Information Services (LIS) 96.2%
Finance 95.1%
International Centre 95.0%
Careers and Employability 93.6%
Wellbeing & Mental Health 92.9%


Support 91.8%
Arrival 91.4%
Happiness 91.3%
Satisfaction 90.8%