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Aase Refsnes

One of the best things about studying at Shrewsbury is the close relationship you build with the lecturers and support staff at the campus.

Natalia Marchuk


Studying in Chester allowed me to concentrate on my studies and try activities that interest me outside of my course.

Charles Nwokorie

The Careers and Employability team gave me CV tips and interview advice which helped me land my dream job after graduation!

Ikenna Fabian Osuagwu

Both academic and non-academic staff are approachable and always happy to help and support students.

Tulika Borah

I’d definitely recommend Chester to other international students because it’s a great place to study and a truly beautiful city.

Sabrina Norwood

Studying in such a welcoming place like Chester has helped me to grow not only as a student, but also as a person.

Xuejian Dong

Moving to Chester is the best decision I have ever made. The local people are so welcoming and friendly and I can travel to big cities like Liverpool and Manchester in less than an hour.

Malin Husa

Chester is a beautiful city, everything is compact and easy to find and the people here are so friendly.

Yujiao Wang

Chester Business School provides students from all backgrounds with the perfect platform to flourish in a competitive international industry.

Puja Chowdhury

There is lots of careers and employability support available on campus and this has helped me find an internship and improve my CV

Chi-Ho Ng


I would highly recommend Chester to other international students because the University supplied me with unlimited warmth and continuous support.

Kanayo Onyeka

The city's blend of history and modern life is second to none, it's like a giant museum.

Roberta Mancini


Chester feels like one big family and I would recommend the university to all students

Pushpa Hossain

There are lots of international students on my course, I really like this because I gain an insight in to health care systems across the world.

Yasir Malik

The modules on my course are diverse and engaging which has really enhanced my skills in the field of management and boosted my future career prospects.

Emily Porfido


What I like most about the course is the lecturers. With Chester being a relatively small university, I feel I can always ask for help and approach my lecturers without hesitation.

Phoebe Sudiro

The Work Based Learning module is great. Instead of learning in a classroom you are learning at a professional organisation and developing new skills as well as implementing the ones you already have.

Emair Hamad EM Al-Naemi


Chester as a city is beautiful and quiet. It’s easy to get around- all the shops and attractions are all in one place and you can explore everywhere by foot.

Edvard Ramstad

Chester is a great city. You see a lot of friendly faces when you're around and it's easy to build relationships as the city is so compact.

Karina Huldeborg Salte Stokkeland

I really like studying here because class sizes are relatively small and lectures are a lot more personal so you build a good relationship with your lecturers and peers.

Ilza Javed

Studying in Chester has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone which has developed my professional and personal development.

Magdalena Ljungberg Qvanstrom

The assignments have been quite challenging which I like because I have really pushed myself and broadened my knowledge.

Francis Orishaba

I like the course because it's taught through mentorship and prepares you for a career in academia and understanding complex data.

Ed Crocker

Stepping out of my comfort zone and moving to Chester has been the best decision of my life. It has given me the opportunity to explore and become more informed about the British culture.

Faith Ukachukwu

I am given every opportunity to improve my work because lecturers always provide engaging feedback and professional advice on how to improve.

Grace Horman

Once you move here, you become a true Cestrian. The people in the city are so friendly and they'll make it feel not quite like home, but almost as good! 

Hassan Zubair

Chester is a great place to study. You can really experience the true British culture and the support you receive from people here is tremendous.

Karima El Benna

The MBA has prepared me for life after university by providing me with a more critical sense. My language skills have improved and I am more outgoing. These assets will be crucial when working in a corporate environment.

Chakshudaa Masih

As soon as I moved to Chester I felt right at home. Everyone at the University of Chester, my church and in the local shops have made me feel very welcome and I have learnt my way around this beautiful city faster than expected.