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Chester is a very beautiful city which is full of historical monuments, and the University is in within walking distance from the city centre
Abdelrahman Saad Eldin Headshot

I am originally from Egypt, where I worked as a pharmacist before to coming to the University of Chester. I wanted to come to the UK to study as I decided I wanted to shift my career path into Computer Science, which was inspired by my passion for computers that I have had since I was very young.

I chose to study in the UK as it offers conversion Master’s programmes. I also found that it is one of the best countries to study in due to its high education quality.

I chose the University of Chester because I was interested in the curriculum that my course offers and how it combines programming modules with optional cybersecurity modules, as well as a variety of other optional modules. I found these suited my desired career goals.

When I first arrived in the UK and started my course, I found that the University offers much more than I expected. For example, they offer support services which provide students with guidance when completing academic assignments, as well as in-sessional English courses, which helped me to improve my writing skills.

They also provide workshops for international students on how to cope with the British culture and how to manage your budget.

Another reason that influenced me to join the University of Chester was the city itself. Chester is a very beautiful city which is full of historical monuments, and the University is within walking distance from the city centre, which is full of things to do every day!

In my spare time I enjoy participating in sports such as archery and rowing. I have previous experience in archery back in my home country which I wanted to continue and luckily, the University of Chester offers a variety of sports clubs, which I am able to participate in.

Alongside this, I am able to get involved with the Students’ Union, which I think is an impressive opportunity. Getting involved with the Students’ Union has allowed me to be elected as the Student Voice Representative for my programme, as well as run in the Department Representative Elections, where I was successfully elected. Participating in these things has allowed me to develop my soft skills, as well as get involved with the British culture.