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The beautiful scenery, clean urban environment, quiet city life and natural living environment made me fall in love with this city.

I came to the University of Chester and started my postgraduate career because of an exchange programme in October, 2019. Life is different in Chester every day. The beautiful natural scenery, clean urban environment, quiet city life, natural and diversified living environment made me deeply fall in love with this city. Studying and living in Chester has been a joy for me.

Chester is a city with a long history which is full of humanity. Here, you can stroll around the ancient city walls to feel the solemn and historic architectural styles of the city, or stroll over the River Dee to enjoy the sunset and the church with a Gothic style. You can also walk into the most visited zoo in the UK, getting close to nature and enjoying your leisure weekend. For me, buying a cup of tea, sitting in the city centre which is full of Victorian architecture, and feeling the slow pace of life, is the most enjoyable time.

Compared with London or other big cities, Chester is more suitable for people to live. It’s a city which is far away from the hustle and bustle, and you can have a more comfortable and leisurely life here. Besides, the city has convenient transportation. It’s less than an hour’s drive away from Liverpool and Manchester. No more than three hours from Chester to London by train. Also, the prices here are relatively low compared with London which is suitable for overseas students to live.

As a Chinese student, something that worried me most before I came to the UK was the eating habits. However, living in Chester, all my concerns related to diet were solved. There are so many choices for international students, such as international markets and Asian supermarkets, where you can buy ingredients from all over the world. In addition, for students who don’t want to cook by themselves, they can also taste different kinds of tasty food at local restaurants. The diet here is also diverse, from British food to Italian, Chinese or Thai food. As an international student, you will always find the restaurant which suits you best. If you are a Chinese student, I would like to recommend Panda Mami, which is a Chinese cafeteria. You can enjoy authentic Chinese food for lunch for a very favourable price. For students who like English food, the fried chicken hamburger of Nando’s and the pancakes of Hanky Panky are also indispensable.

Studying at the University of Chester, you will experience the British learning atmosphere. Compared with some colleges and universities in London, the international students here are fewer. You will get along with your British classmates and teachers most of the time, which would be a great opportunity to assimilate into local studies and life. In Chester, there will always be opportunities to practice and use English everywhere and experience authentic British English, which will improve your English while mastering professional knowledge.

Compared with Chinese universities which pay more attention to theoretical teaching, the education of British universities is more flexible. I deeply appreciate the unique teaching model of the UK at the University of Chester. Tutors usually encourage students to think and express their opinions critically in class, and this cultivates the learning ability of students and helps them to think independently, and enhances a student’s self-confidence in learning. In addition, the University will also organise some practical activities to encourage students to participate actively and to enrich their extra-curricular life.