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Entry Requirements

General entry requirements for each level are provided below. Some programmes do also have additional course-specific requirements which can be found on the individual course pages. Please ensure you are able to fulfil the programme requirements and meet the academic standards expected before submitting an application.

Foundation Year

  • Successful completion of High Secondary Certificate (50%) or SSC (65%). If undertaking Engineering OR Business and Social Science Pathway will need to have 50% (HSC) or 65% (SSC) or above in Maths.

Undergraduate Study

  • Completion of FA (Humanities) with 75% or above OR complete of HSSC preengineering/pre-medical/science routes with 70%. If a specific subject is required, a score of 80% (Humanities) / 70% (preengineering/pre-medical/science) in the relevant subject is needed = Level 4 entry.
  • Completion of Diplomas of Associated Engineer (DAE) with 70% or above = Level 4 entry.
  • Associate Degree Programme with 50% 59% = Level 4 entry / 60% or above = Year 2 entry.
  • Issued 2020 or earlier: 2year Bachelor’s Degree from recognised institution with grades 60% or above = Level 5 entry.
  • 3-year Bachelor's Degree with 70% or above = Level 5 entry.

Postgraduate Study

  • 2020 or earlier: 2year Bachelor’s Degree with 55% or above + LLB with 50% or above.
  • 2020 or earlier: 2-year Bachelor’s Degree with 55% or above + Master’s degree with a pass rate of 60% or above.
  • 4-year Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised institution with 55% or above.
  • MBBS/ DPharm/ Doctor of Physiotherapy/ Dentistry/ Vet from recognised institution with 50% or above.
  • Master’s Degree with a pass rate of 55% or above (after the completion of a 4year Bachelor’s Degree).

Study Gaps

Applicants with significant gaps in study are considered higher risk for visa refusal, so will need to provide evidence demonstrating activities during this period and why returning to education is beneficial to their career.

Applicants who have been out of education for 10 years or longer will be subject to a more in-depth assessment of their qualifications, employment history and motivations.

English language entry requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate that they have an appropriate level of English language to be eligible to study one of our foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The level of English required depends on the course applied for.

Further Information

Country Liaison Officer

Ali Raza Tariq
Skype: ali.raza.abisol
Mobile/WhatsApp: +92 (0)301 004 5555