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Chester and its surrounding areas provides learning sites at Exton Park; Creative Campus, Kingsway; Wheeler Building; and Queen's Park.

The University of Chester is proud of its reputation as a successful new University, with a long history, starting in 1839, of scholarship and learning. It is an open community welcoming people regardless of social background. Chester is a broad based, teaching led, research informed University, with a caring and supportive culture. Through co-operation, we seek to make a significant contribution to the communities that we support building on our 175-year-old tradition of service to society.

We put our students at the heart of the University, meeting their changing expectations and enhancing the way we work with them. We value all staff and support them to excel and focus on excellence and quality.  We are enhancing research quality and impact. We have growing external partnerships to support teaching and learning, research and student employability underpinned by financial sustainability.

It is a wonderful place to work, and I feel very privileged to be the current steward and custodian of its traditions and values.  We have committed colleagues who seek to realise this vision.

University of Chester

Mission, Vision and Values

The University of Chester, while celebrating and benefiting from its long history and traditions, is a modern, dynamic and enterprising institution, whose activities are underpinned by a series of core values that help to define our mission and our identity.


The University was established by the Church of England in 1839 and, within an open and inclusive and supportive environment guided by Christian values of honesty, integrity and respect for all, we seek to provide our students and staff with the education, training, skills and motivation to enable them to develop as individuals and have lives of service in the communities within which they live and work.  This Mission, which has helped shape our development and diversification, continues to inform our future planning and enrichment as a University institution.


At the heart of the University’s vision is our commitment to: ensuring a rewarding student learning experience; developing the expertise of our staff; teaching excellence; and our growing research and scholarly profile.  Fundamental to these ideas and aspirations is the positive impact that the University has on our lives of our students, our staff and our community, all of which underpin the institution’s significant and growing contribution to the region and beyond.  In valuing and celebrating our long history and traditions, the University remains modern, dynamic and enterprising in its approach to developing new opportunities.  In particular, we are committed to engendering a sense of pride and shared ownership in all those associated with us and with what we do. 

Core Values

In continuing the expression of the University’s Christian foundation and pursuit of honesty, integrity and respect for all; these core values help define our identity:

  • The pursuit of excellence and innovation
  • A distinctive student experience
  • Partnership and community
  • Inclusiveness and responsibility
  • A supportive culture and environment
  • A caring foundation