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Mexico and its vibrant culture sparked my interest during a translation project in my final year at the University of Chester.
Jordan Marshall Case Study

I translated an excerpt of an informative yet humorous book about the history of Mexico from (Mexican) Spanish into English. Throughout this piece of work, not only did I significantly increase my understanding of the target language, but also the desire to travel to this fascinating country.

With the idea of teaching English in a secondary school in Mexico, I applied to the British Council Assistantship Programme. After the application and the interview, they thought I would be better suited to Spain and offered me a job in Andalusia. I turned down the opportunity, hoping to find another one in Mexico - and I did!

In September 2017 I started my first job as a Language Instructor in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, where I taught business English and German to people in large international companies such as BMW, Continental and ABB. I did this for around 10 months before finding a new opportunity in the British Council, the organisation I originally had my heart set on.

I moved from San Luis Potosí to Mexico City and had my first day in my new position on the 18th June 2018. I now work in the Customer Service and Sales department, where I am using my Spanish language skills in a work environment for the first time and I love it. My main role within the company is to carry out English level tests and then close the sale, explaining to the potential students about the courses we offer in relation to their needs and requirements.

Alongside my current job, I have recently been given a new, exciting opportunity to work for the English proficiency exams IELTS and Cambridge, as the British Council is a co-owner. As an assistant supervisor I will have the chance to travel around Mexico and supervise the exams taking place in other cities such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla and Cancun to name a few.

I am really happy with how things have worked out after graduation and the opportunities that have arisen from moving here. Mexico is a beautiful country, full of colour, welcoming people and amazing food. I am looking forward to find out what the future has in store for me.