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Courses can be taken in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Polish. Portuguese and Welsh from beginners through to intermediate and advanced levels and are 100% bespoke to the business. 

All classes take place in the business’ premises in the form of combined language and culture training. These would be weekly classes for an agreed number of weeks with a qualified and accredited tutor and designed specifically for the business..

As with any training or CIPD, it requires commitment from the business and the students both in and out of class but is designed to be interactive and fun as well as allowing students to obtain a new skill they can use at work. 

We offer a free 1 hour taster class  at the business premises with our Tutor. This class will be an Introduction to the language  to allow the students to feel at ease and try out the language and for us to gauge their learning ability and understand what they want to achieve from the  programme.

Following the above taster, we will take into account the feedback from the students as well as the tutor and would agree a clear and realistic programme for the company with measurable goals and objectives and a defined price. 

Prices for bespoke language services depend on each individual case and the language and the level required.

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Modern Languages (Evening Classes)
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