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ResNet Connection in University Halls

Almost all university owned rooms have access to the Internet through ResNet, which is done through either a wired connection or a wireless connection. The University has a wireless network available to students in many buildings, in addition to the ResNet service.

Technical Information

The speed of the service to ResNet is comparable to that available via most Internet Service Providers. The technically minded may find the following information useful:

  • Average Connection Speed: 15 Mbits
  • Infrastructure: 802.11g/n capable Wireless points, 1Gbs from UoC Servers to the Internet
  • Remember this is a shared medium and as such maximum speeds may not be attainable due to accommodation location and loads.

Hardware / Software Requirements

To use ResNet, there are minimal hardware and software requirements that Network Services recommend, these are:

  • Windows XP with a minimum of Service Pack 3 and 1GB RAM. Either a built-in Ethernet or wireless adapter (depending where you will be living).
  • Mac OS X with built-in Ethernet or Airport
  • Also compatable with Android, Apple or Win8 powered tablets, iPads and phones.

All Windows machines must be fully patched, with the latest updates for the Operating System, and have an anti-virus application installed.


We expect that all computers attached to our ResNet connection are protected by anti-virus software that is updated on a regular basis; this is to protect you as a user and also to protect other users of ResNet. Without it, you will not be permitted to connect to ResNet.

Help With ResNet

Help and advice on connecting to the ResNet service is available via the LIS Helpdesk prior to your arrival.