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The Card

This card will be used for various functions, including access to buildings, library borrowing and as a form of ID.

The University card is compulsory and issued free of charge. All students will need to supply a good quality colour digital photograph in JPG format (the format normally produced by digital cameras and mobile phones), for the card to be produced.

Getting The Card

A few guidelines for when taking the photograph

  • Take it with a good quality camera or camera phone - at least 2 mega-pixels
  • Be directly facing the camera
  • Be close (but not too close!) to the camera
  • Have a neutral background to the picture
  • Ensure the photograph is a good likeness.

The photograph should be of a similar quality and format as would be submitted for a driving license or passport.

Once your photograph has been taken, please submit your photograph online or use the University of Chester App, available for iPhone, Windows and Android phone formatts.
Please submit your photograph online prior to the start of your course as this will allow us time to ensure your University card is ready for you when you arrive. Failure to submit the photograph in good time may result in delays in the proccessing of your University card.

Need help?

If you need any assistance with your photograph submission, please contact the Learning and Information Services Helpdesk by email or call 01244 511234.