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This provision includes activities ranging from one-to-one meetings with staff, for discussion and support of enhancement activities, through to delivering an academic programme, namely the MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. All our provision is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and it provides opportunities for staff to gain recognition for their teaching practice.

MA Learning and Teaching in Higher Education

This is a part-time programme delivered primarily to staff of the University. Academic staff, who join the University with three years’, or less, experience of teaching in higher education, undertake the first three modules (PGCLTHE) as a contractual obligation. Parts of the MA programme are accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA): The first module is accredited at D1 and leads to Associate Fellowship, while the PGCLTHE is accredited at D2 and leads to Fellowship of the HEA. A relatively small number of participants continue the programme beyond the PG Certificate stage, which is especially attractive to staff from our learner support services.

CPD Framework and gaining recognition

Our CPD framework is accredited by the HEA for D1-D3. Candidates seeking recognition via the CPD framework can use the Professional Dialogue route or the written route. They are supported by a mentor during the preparation phase and then a professional judgement is made by two independent assessors, who have not been involved in mentoring the candidate. Members of staff who wish to gain recognition at D4 are mentored within the institution, but their claim is made directly to the HEA.

Support for colleagues who are qualified in another educational sector

Colleagues who are qualified to teach in another educational sector may be eligible to undertake a single module (The Bridging Module) in order to fulfil their contractual obligations. This module is also accredited at D2 and leads to Fellowship of the HEA. The module is available at level 6 and level 7.

Staff Conference

The Annual Staff Conference is an opportunity for all staff who teach and/or support students to disseminate their own work, as well as hearing about that of other colleagues. The conference has a different theme every year and a leading figure, in relation to that theme, is invited to give a keynote address. The staff conference culminates with the annual address by our Vice Chancellor and is consistently attended by over 300 members of staff each year.

Workshops and Seminars

Each year the LTI hosts and facilitates several workshops and seminars on contemporary issues in HE pedagogy. Presenters may be internal or external to the institution, depending on the topic. Faculties and departments also arrange learning and teaching seminars throughout the year and the LTI can help publicise these events through their MALTHE alumni and pedagogic researcher networks.

Supporting individuals in practice development

The LTI has three Academic Development Advisors (ADAs) who staff can call upon for support and guidance on learning and teaching matters.