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The Learning and Teaching Institute Research Ethics Committee (LTI-REC)

The primary purpose of ethical review – and thus of the Institute’s Research Ethics Committee (LTI-REC)– is to ensure that the rights of research participants are protected, that they are treated with dignity and in a manner that does not jeopardise their wellbeing or adversely affect their learning experience. This is particularly important as the participants are often students in the same department as the researcher, who may feel particularly vulnerable when asked to participate in research being undertaken by one of their lecturers.  The Committee also reviews  externally-led pedagogical  projects  which propose to conduct research with University staff and students.

The LTI-REC has representation from other Faculties, as well as student representation.  It meets monthly and applicants are invited to attend the meeting if they wish to. We have found this to be a very helpful way of improving the ethical review process, as well as enhancing the collegial relationship between researchers and the committee.

The LTI Research Ethics Committee was established in 2007.

All research undertaken by postgraduate students in the LTI, involving students and/or staff of the University, must be subject to ethical review and be formally approved by the LTI Research Ethics Committee. 
In addition, all research funded by the LTI is subject to the same process.

For general enquiries regarding the LTI Research Ethics Committee (LTI-REC), please contact Dr Shelly Kemp (Chair) on extension 2393, or email Alternatively, please contact the Learning and Teaching Institute:

Information about the LTI-REC

Making an application to the LTI-REC

Applications for consideration by the LTI-REC should be submitted online at least one week before the published meeting date. 
Late applications will be deferred to the next meeting which could cause an unwelcome delay for the applicant.