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About the campus

Formal teaching for this course will be delivered at Exton Park (Parkgate Road) in Chester from April 2021. The university will still own the Thornton site which will be used for research purposes. The close links that currently exist between the University and the companies based at Thornton will continue.

Across its 66 acres, Thornton remains very much at the forefront of scientific research and development. It accommodates a range of impressive facilities, including: modern purpose-built laboratories and industrial facilities to provide the best practical experience and learning opportunities, high-quality professional engineering software, a specialist science and engineering library, computer facilities featuring fully licensed engineering, design and development software, Windows and Mac computer suites, a dedicated games zone and much more.

Exploring new technology is integral to what we do here at Thornton, with a particular focus on tackling issues surrounding climate change. Most of the companies based at Thornton Science Park work in line with the Green agenda, and we are dedicated to utilising this unique environment of industry, innovation and academia, to save our planet.

We have a strong, supportive culture at Thornton that is committed to helping you achieve your full potential, so you can join like minded individuals who are just as passionate about science and engineering as you are.

A Working Science Park

Thornton operates as a working science park. With over 40 science and technology sector companies located on site.

Links with Industry

Every company on site is in the science and technology industries, and with the current skills shortage being experienced by the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) sectors, provides a number of networking opportunities with industry leaders in science and engineering.

The Energy Centre

Designed to promote growth and acceleration in the development and exploitation of technologies for the energy market, the £16 million Energy Centre provides a flexible place where industry and academia come together to innovate, develop and demonstrate new intelligent energy technologies.

Thornton Science Park is a distinctive environment because it has been established at the heart of the industries that we serve with research and which employ graduates like ours. Thornton lies within the Stanlow Special Policy area which is subject to certain restrictions linked to health and safety. 

Thornton Science Park
Pool Lane