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My research comes under an interdisciplinary umbrella of the English Faculty, the Arts Faculty, and the Institute of Gender Studies. I am analysing how heroic masculinity is portrayed in fin-de-siècle adventure fiction texts and images, and the relationship between these portrayals. Central to my project is the question: how far do illustrations go to sustain and underpin the heroic masculinity portrayed in the texts they accompany? The key texts and their illustrations that I am researching are: R.L. Stevenson, Treasure Island with illustrations by F.T. Merrill and Georges Roux (1885 illustrated edition); H. Rider Haggard, King Solomon’s Mines with illustrations by Walter Paget (1887 illustrated edition); Robert Louis Stevenson, ‘The Beach of Falésa’ with illustrations by Gordon Browne (from the 1893 illustrated edition of Island Nights’ Entertainment); Rudyard Kipling, Kim with illustrations by John Lockwood Kipling (1901 illustrated edition); and Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World with illustrations by Harry Rountree (1912 New York edition).

Additional Work

  • I have presented papers at Research Days at the University of Chester and at the Talking Bodies Conference 2017, University of Chester.
  • I am currently teaching on the EN5402: Literature and Place Module and EN5403: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing at Shrewsbury University Centre, and on EN5002: Victorian Literature at Chester.