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Industrial Gentlemanliness: The fin-de-siècle adventure hero in text and image, 1870-1914

My research explores how concepts of nineteenth-century perceptions of the gentleman and heroism, mobility, technology, and empire are represented in fin-de-siècle adventure stories and their illustrations between 1870 and 1914 to create ‘industrial gentlemanliness’. The research focuses on the complexity of a relationship in which romanticised adventuring is dependent on industrialisation while the fin-de-siècle adventure story is also seen as an escape from that which created it. As well as understanding how nineteenth-century ‘industrial modernity’ is imagined through the texts, the analysis of the illustrations is especially relevant for both understanding the visual representation of industrial gentlemanliness in the adventure story and for studying the idea that the adventure hero is a nostalgic romanticisation of gentlemanliness. 

Additional Work

  • I have presented papers at Research Days at the University of Chester and at the Talking Bodies Conference 2017, University of Chester.
  • I am currently teaching on the EN5402: Literature and Place Module and EN5403: Nineteenth-Century Women’s Writing at Shrewsbury University Centre, and on EN5002: Victorian Literature at Chester.